The iPhone already has one free satellite navigation app in the form of Skobbler Lite, but now there’s another option in the App Store called Navmii NavFree.


NavFree is based on the same OpenStreetMap data as Skobbler, and currently comes with maps for the UK and Ireland — there are plans to expand the map coverage to the USA and Europe at some point. Unlike Skobbler, NavFree also includes an iPad version of the app, but this only works with the iPad 3G model — the Wi-Fi-only iPad lacks the necessary GPS chip.


NavFree is nicely presented and provides a basic set of features that should suit most drivers. It also has the option to plot routes suitable for RVs and lorries, so it should suit motorhome trips, too. One potential catch is that since the map data is based on information supplied by OpenStreetMap users, there is the risk of inaccuracies, but you do at least have the option of submitting your own corrections.


We didn’t put NavFree through its paces, but the reviews so far on the App Store are generally positive — and there’s no arguing with the price…


[Navmii NavFree]


Julian Prokaza