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Best motorhome dog accessories

Take a look at some of our favourite motorhome accessories for dogs that will make your pup's holiday even more relaxing.

There is seemingly no end to the equipment available for dogs these days. As a nation of dog lovers, we have a tendency to spoil our pooches, and for good reason! Whether you’re pitched up on a motorhome site or you’re on a scenic countryside walk,  it can be hard to know when you’ve got all the home comforts your dog needs.

Generally speaking, if they have something to sleep on, something to eat and drink out of and something for going on walks, you’ve got the basics covered. However, it can be nice for your furry travel companion to have some extra bits of kit to make their stay more enjoyable.

We’ve rounded up a few things that will make a holiday with your pet even more enjoyable.

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The best motorhome dog accessories are…

A Woof Life Travel Bed

Reason to buy: 

  • Compact and portable 

Reason to avoid:

  • Your dog might prefer something more plush 

We all know how important a decent bed is when you’re on tour, and that should be no different for your four-legged travel companion. When space-saving is essential, something that rolls up can be really useful, with portability being a bonus.

This machine-washable bed comes in small (61 x 46 cm) and large (101 x 71 cm) and is great for using inside and outside of your motorhome. The upper is made from soft flannel filled with high elasticity fibres to make a cosy, comfortable bed. The underside is scratch, grease and water resistant. 

With built-in hidden velcro straps, the bed can be handily rolled up and stored out of the way when not in use, or strapped to a bag when you’re off on a picnic or a pub visit. 

rabbitgoo Dog Harness

Reason to buy 

  • Room for growth

Reason to avoid: 

  • Can be tricky to fit 

Harnesses are generally considered to be safer than collars, especially for walks and car journeys. If you have a dog prone to pulling, it can be really handy to have a bit more control over your dog without causing any discomfort to them. 

This harness comes in 5 sizes (XS – XL) and 12 colours, designed with 2 quick-release clips and 4 fully adjustable straps. This makes it snug and comfortable for any dog plus it’s ideal for growing pups. 

It’s made from breathable Oxford Nylon with soft cushioning and features 2 leash points, one on the top for walking, hiking and tethering and another at the front for training. There are several super-bright reflective strips on the harness, so it’s a good option for walking at night. 

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Morezi Dog Bathrobe

Reason to buy

  • Eliminates need to manually dry your dog 

Reason to avoid

  • Larger bags are quite thick

Offered in XS, S, M and L, this drying bag can suit any dog and will make rides home from the beach more enjoyable for everyone! Combining super absorbent microfibre and a roomy robe design, the bag allows your pooch to relax and dry off at the same time. 

No need to worry about wet fur or muddy paws inside your motorhome – after a day at the beach or a woodland walk, just pop them in and zip them up! The bag is designed with a long zip topped with a velcro fastener to keep your dog snug and secure. 


Overland Dog Travel Bag 

Reason to buy 

  • Roomy and well-stocked

Reason to avoid

  • Bowls might not be suitable for large dogs

You’ll never forget any of your dog’s essentials with this spacious bag, designed with plenty of storage options for accessories. The durable duffel measures 53.3L x 25.4W x 25.4H so you can keep all your pooch’s gear together without compromising on space. The bag has multiple zip-up compartments and mesh pockets as well as a generous amount of space in the body. 

Included in the set are 2 3.55 litre lined food holders with zip tops and handles, great for wet or dry food. In addition, there are 2 collapsible food or water bowls, with a 1.18 litre capacity and an anti-slip mat that will fit both bowls. 

Lucky Paws Dog Towel

Reason to buy

  • Great for quick drying

Reason to avoid

  • Not as protective for interior as a drying bag

If you need something to stash in your motorhome to deal with an unexpected swim or a muddier-than-anticipated walk, this towel is ideal. Made with a luxurious combination of Chenille and noodle towelling, it gives quick results and is gentle on your dog’s fur. The noodle design allows the towel to hold up to 3 litres of water while the materials dry 4 times quicker than a cotton towel. 

With pockets at each end, you can give your dog an easy clean down without getting wet and muddy yourself. There is even a sewn-in hanging loop to aid quick drying. The towel is also machine washable and can be tumble dried. 

PiuPet Dog Steps 

Reason to buy

  • Compact and useful for all dogs 

Reason to avoid 

  • Steps can be narrow for big dogs

Do you have a senior dog or a small breed who needs some help hopping up and down from your motorhome? Then these doggy steps are perfect! They’re height adjustable  (76cm or 56cm) so can be adapted for your dog’s needs, working great in both cars and motorhomes. The PVC material is waterproof and easy to clean, while the durable design can support up to 80kg. 

The model folds down to a super-compact x and weighs just 5kg, so it’s handy to store in any space. It also comes with a protective bag with a handle. The top step features a set of stabilising bars covered in foam to give a stable connection to your motorhome or car without causing scratches. 


Reason to buy

  • Simple but handy design

Reason to avoid

  •  Only suitable for harnesses

Taking your dog on tour with you just adds to fun, but travelling with a restless pooch can be taxing. The best way to ensure they’re safe when you’re on the road is a harness and seatbelt combination. This leash-belt features an adjustable loop that goes around a seat headrest with a sturdy, lockable clip. 

The anti-shock lead is designed with durability and elasticity, helping to reduce impact force. It’s adjustable in length (50-65cm) depending on your dog’s size, and affixes to a harness via a robust metal clip. It can also be used as a leash and features reflective stitching, making it handy for a quick night time loo break if you’re on the go. 

Infinite Node Poo Bag Holder 

Reason to buy

  • Multipurpose and compact 

Reason to avoid

  • Chunkier than other options

A decent poo bag dispenser is an essential piece of kit for any responsible dog owner. This model from Infinite Mode is a perfect addition to your doggy essentials, especially if you and your pup enjoy night time walks. Fitted with an LED torch in the base, this dispenser is great for evening excursions and comes with 6 replacement batteries. 

At just 2.7 inches by 1.6 inches, it’s perfectly compact and can be attached to any lead with the accompanying carabiner or adjustable velcro tab. It also comes with 15 leak proof waste bags which can be held by the adjustable elastic rope attachment. You can restock the dispenser with any standard-size bags. 

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