MANY MOTORHOMES HAVE small ovens, or no oven at all – but that need not stop you cooking oven-style products, thanks to the Omnia Stovetop Oven. Its three sections fit together to provide heat above and below. It can be used on all sources except induction hobs.

Numerous accessories are available, including a silicone mould, muffin ring, cookbook, storage bag, and much more. The oven costs around £45, while the accessories start from £12.

Omnia: A quick history

Omnia was bought from another Swedish company, Alde, around 15 years ago. It began as something of a marketing exercise but has grown into a much larger business.

At first the oven was the sole product, but since then, Omnia has refined and developed the line-up, so it’s now a range of some 10 items – all linked to the Omnia Stovetop Oven.

Europe is Omnia’s biggest market, but two years ago, it launched in the US. It’s see a big increase in interest from the UK and is looking forward to increasing its presence here, too. Omnia is a family business – Gustaf Lunden and his father work full-time, supported by a lot of extremely competent people, who help them with everything from product design to delivery.

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