VERY HOT OFF the press, having only been officially launched at this year’s Caravan Salon in Düsseldorf, Joa Camp is a new budget brand from French manufacturer Pilote. Unlike many other budget spin-offs from well-established motorhome brands, Joa motorhomes are to be built on exactly the same production line as Pilote models. The company believes it has been able to bring prices down by having the whole range built on a Citroën base vehicle, and by introducing modular construction into production: so, for example, the washroom is the same design in every model.

For 2022 the brand consists of five low-profile models and two van conversions, although A-classes may be included next year. The low-profiles include the 5.99m-long 60F, with a French bed in the rear, then two fixed single bed models at 6.99m long or 7.39m long (the 70T and 75T) and two island bed models offered at each of those lengths (the 70Q and 75Q).

The two van conversions are the 5.99m-long 60G, with a transverse double bed, and the 6.36m-long 63T, with fixed single beds.

Interiors are Continental in style, with modern, bright furnishings and light woodwork.

The whole range has been designed to be easy to understand for first time buyers, so with relatively few optional extras. First-time buyers should be attracted by the prices too: the panel vans start at £41,500, while you can get one of the 6.99m-long low-profiles for as little as £46,900.

Pilote has also taken on seven dealers to sell the new brand. These include already established Pilote dealers like Davan in Somerset, but also IH Motorhomes in West Yorkshire who, apart from making its own van conversions, previously only dealt in Swift.

Other dealers include Salop Leisure, Durham Caravans and the Tamar Caravan Centre in Newark in England, Caledonian Campers in Scotland and Camper NI in Northern Ireland.

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