Here we review the Westfield Easy Air 510 and tested it on an Auto-Sleeper Broadway.

The Westfield Easy Air 510 is an interesting entry in the inflatable drive-away awning market. First, it can be used as a tent and, second, it lines up longitudinally with the ’van. So, although it’s big, it extends just over 50cm from the motorhome.

This awning features an inflatable frame, a sewn-in groundsheet, reflective and pivoted storm straps, internal blinds, covers on the external zips, double awning rail attachment and ventilation, all at a competitive price.

You actually construct it as you would a tent before adding it to your vehicle (unlike most awnings, which are attached to the vehicle first). It is light enough to be erected by one person, although two will always make it easier.

The Easy Air 510’s three independent tubes are inflated with around 15 pushes on the foot pump supplied. There are also three storm-proof poles in the ceiling to hold the poles apart and strengthen the structure. To simplify assembly, pump the tubes part way before adding the roof poles.

The tubes have a 9psi operating pressure and there’s a cut-off valve on the pump to prevent over-inflation. Nevertheless, Westfield says those tubes are tested to 20psi.

The main fabric here is a 190T polyurethane-coated polyester with a medium 3000mm hydrostatic head waterproof rating and weather covers to the external zips. Windows are Super Clear transparent foil and are fitted with blinds.

You get the flexibility of lining the Easy Air’s door up with the motorhome’s entrance or staggering it. It also has low and high fixing heights.

Separate pegging points for the flysheet and groundsheet aid tensioning. You can toggle up later or peg the groundsheet flat for access by prams and bikes. Extra-long guy lines at the back can be thrown over the vehicle or pegged down at the side to stop slippage of the awning in the wind.

The bedroom takes up about half the floor space and includes two-door access and a detachable partition.

Beware: you’ll pay extra for the connection tunnel. Officially, the awning costs £450 and the connection tunnel is £70, but shop around and you should pay around £460 for the all-in package.

As well as the options, you can add further accessories, such as flooring, carpet, lighting and windshield – all part of the Westfield portfolio. The aluminium storm pole kit is £5.99, the universal steel canopy pole kit costs £8.99 and the inner bedroom tent is priced at £42.