Not content with blazing a trail with inflatable drive-away motorhome awnings, Vango has moved on to the next stage – creating something different.

The Airhub Hexaway is more akin to a gazebo, albeit with a handy connection zone next to your vehicle, as well as the distinctive hexagonal shape to the main unit, featuring alternating fixed windows and removable mesh panels.

Other features to look out for include high- and low-level ventilation panels, reflective lower guylines, zipped curtains, skylight windows and more.

The main fabric is a 420D polyester with double ripstop threads and a polyurethane coating for extra protection, plus taped seams.

Being able to remove the groundsheet could come in handy on some sites, while the facility to flatten it at the doorways means no tripping hazard, and makes it easier to load bikes in.

In the living area, another handy feature is SkyTrack II, a flexible system that allows you to attach hanging pockets and/or lighting.

There’s single-point inflation at any one of four inlets, all set some distance from ground level, to save a bit of bending down.

The awning is attached by sliding the beading onto the awning rail, or throwing straps over the roof and pegging down on the opposite side.

And if you don’t want to handle a large amount of canvas, removable sections can make life easier.

The Vango Airhub Hexaway comes with metal storm pegs, which you might not always need, but will be glad of when you pitch on hard ground.

If you want to sleep in your awning, this one isn’t for you – a bedroom inner isn’t on the options list.

But if you like to be communal, or simply want to sit in the semi-outdoors and enjoy great all-round views, the Hexaway is ideal.

Up in 10 minutes? No reason why not, with a bit of practice. Just enough time to get the kettle boiled and tea brewed, really.

One final bonus is the price. It started the season at £800, but was on Vango’s website at £675 at the time of this write-up.