There must be something in the water. How else can we explain the cluster of motorhome and van converters between Huddersfield and Leeds? 

Whatever the reason, customers looking for UK-produced conversions have a lot of choice, and it’s all high-quality.

Among those in the top rank is Shire Conversions of Knottingley, West Yorkshire. The firm has been going for seven years, with Daryl Healey at the helm. He’d started up on his own after gaining valuable experience in the industry.

Shire specialises in conversions that, while off the peg, offer a high degree of customisation. Buyers 
can go bespoke as much as possible – Daryl is known for his accommodating attitude.

One advantage of buying from Shire is that you can supply your own base vehicle, rather than opting for a brand new one, and Shire will do the conversion work to your requirements.

Early this year, we tested the Shire Phoenix 2XL Studio, a two-berth high-top based on the XL LWB Fiat Ducato. It rides on the 6.36m-long Fiat Ducato base vehicle.

Shire’s interior is easy on the eye, with mid-toned cabinetwork, cream locker facings and doors, and oatmeal upholstery. There’s no need to search in different places for the living area controls. In the Phoenix, they’re located in the same place, above the lounge sofa rear door access.