Panel van conversions or PVCs are enjoying a renaissance. This is partly due to the fact that modern high-top vans in general and the Ducato in particular are eminently suitable for conversion into a mobile home. 

Vertical sidewalls and a squared-off roof provide an almost perfect cuboid. At a stroke, one of the major disadvantages of the previous generation of PVCs has been addressed – that of a claustrophobic feeling at eye-level. Now add in a fully crash-tested shell, ease of fixing rear travel seats, low floor height, lack of rear overhang and a choice of exterior colour and the reasons behind that renaissance become clear. 

In addition, there are far more bespoke panel van converters than coachbuilt manufacturers, and these really do offer potential customers ‘choice’ with a capital ‘C’.

Shire Conversions, based in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, is one such firm and although it is relatively new, it has already gained both traction and gravitas by achieving many awards including a Gold Award in the Practical Motorhome Owner Satisfaction Survey 2014 and Silver in 2015. The award scheme title is declaratory and so really is worth keeping in mind that Shire’s past customers are very happy with this bespoke van converter as you read our review.