If you’re one of those people who tend to get confused by model names, it may come as some relief to know that, among its low-profile coachbuilts at least, there are only two new models from French manufacturer Pilote (which has a bit of a reputation for convoluted name tags) to concern yourself with this season.

Both of them come with the numbers 706 and either ‘C’ (for island bed) or ‘GJ’ (for fixed single beds).

Both also feature a double drop-down bed over the front dinette.

We had a look at the GJ at the season launch.

The prototype model we saw there was Essentiel specification, effectively the most basic of the three levels.

However, it included an L-shaped sculpted settee in the dinette and an external shower in the rear garage – features usually reserved for a higher spec.

Regular Essentiel models come with straight settees, and the only shower you get is in the washroom.