The UK’s favourite family tent brand is increasing its presence in the drive-away awning market, thanks to ever-evolving models such as this latest Ocean Road.

This is a big unit, effectively a three-room tunnel tent that will easily double the amount of living space of a typical camper van to which it is primarily designed to attach.

Although our photos don’t show it, the Ocean Road SA comes as standard with side-by-side inner bedrooms capable of sleeping up to three and two people respectively, although Outwell suggests four is the optimum number.

It’s an inflatable model (hence the SA nomenclature), which means it’s up in minutes, before the more painstaking task of pegging it all out properly commences.

Never mind, it’s a chance to admire the fluorescent guylines (less of a tripping hazard when the light is poor), the adjustable pegging points at ground level and tensioning buckles.

You can also feel the quality of the Outtex 6000 polyester fabric, again as used on Outwell’s premium tents. Seams are fully taped for optimum protection from rain getting in.

Do note, though, despite being shown here on a left-hand-drive camper, Outwell’s Universal Connection System means it can be attached to either side of any vehicle.

The Link Access Zone System, which is Outwell’s fancy way of describing the connection between tent and ’van, uses a valance between the ground and the vehicle, effectively shutting out potential draughts. You can also close off the whole tent from the vehicle as you wish.

Windows have toggle-up curtains and upper-level mesh panels for the kind of ventilation that is even more crucial in an inflatable awning. There’s also a full-width mesh section across the back end, which can be closed off if desired.

Plenty of other features abound, such as tinted windows, a front canopy for shelter, single-point inflation, a Thermo roof (offers some heat control) and more.

Such is the level of standard equipment here, the number of options is limited to just two: carpet (£65 – for that bit of extra underfoot comfort and insulation) and a footprint (£40 – ideal protection if you’re planning on pitching on hardstandings).