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Elegant, twin-lounge A-class luxury can be yours in this new-for-2018 Rapido 8094dF, packing a high spec, serious comfort and a host of clever features


Many of us in the UK really love a motorhome lounge – thanks to the often-inclement weather we tend to endure on these shores, much of our time is spent relaxing in their comfortable confines.

It’s a canny Continental manufacturer that recognises this market – and so it is with French brand Rapido, which for 2018 has launched the 8094dF, an A-class with two large lounges.

This is not a new layout: Rapido has consolidated its offering for this year, taking the floorplan of the popular 9094dF and transplanting it into the revamped 80dF Series.

But dropping it down a level prompts a decrease in price, too, meaning that the model now starts at a competitive £70,600.


It’s certainly a handsome-looking motorhome.

The subtle grey and red graphics look classy in contrast to the expanse of white bodywork.

The Rapido 8094dF sits (as does the whole 80dF range) on a Fiat/Al-Ko chassis with an extra-wide rear track.

This helps improve stability and comfort on the road, while the double floor allows for greater storage and insulation.

That double floor, which is both heated and lit, can be accessed inside and outside the ’van.

There’s also a large, heated, shallow ‘garage’ that stretches right across the rear of the ’van.

Rapido’s Nova Box hatch, meanwhile, provides easy access to the fuse box and other electrical systems.

Lounging & dining

Step inside and you’ll find the front lounge is standard motorhome fare – both cab seats swivel to join a pair of facing sofas, and all of them are serviced by a single-leg table.

Usefully, the surface of the latter can be folded in half, which is handy if you need to squeeze through to access those cab chairs.

But that rear lounge is the highlight of the 2018 Rapido 8094dF.

While the front lounge is more of a dining area, the back example exudes comfortable luxury.

The L-shaped sofas allow you to really sit back and relax, and the lighting up above the numerous overhead lockers looks classy.

For the ultimate in comfort, go for the £790 Symphony Audio and Cinema packs (both fitted to our test ’van): they add various speakers and a Philips LED projector, allowing you to watch movies or listen to music directly from your smartphone, DVD player and other gadgets.

Choose the standard, 3500kg version of the Rapido 8094dF and you’ll get a payload of 385kg.

Upgrading to the 3700kg chassis will help to increase that, but you’ll need to make sure you have the relevant C1 driving licence.

Alternatively, you can opt for the 4.4-tonne chassis for a £4600 premium.

One further option that’s well worth considering is the Select Pack, which costs £1650.

This will add a number of useful pieces of kit, including a reversing camera with night view, a passenger airbag, cruise control, a sliding windscreen blind, electrically defrosting side mirrors, a cooker hood with LED lighting, a Duo Control automatic gas inverter and much more.

The side sofas can also convert into a pair of front-facing three-point belted travel seats.

Up above is a double drop-down bed with slatted frame and Bultex mattress – you can choose not to have this bed fitted, if you’d prefer.

Either way, the lounge is a bright and pleasant place to spend time, thanks to the pair of side windows and the enormous windscreen.

Artificial illumination is plentiful, and attractive, too – most notably the art deco-style spotlights, which emit a pleasantly warm hue.


The kitchen, located in the middle of the ’van, features a 160-litre automatic-energy-selection fridge, a three-burner stainless-steel hob, a good-sized square sink and plenty of storage space.

Neat touches abound: the new spice rack on the wall is backlit to make it look smarter, the drawers are soft-closing and the furniture has been redesigned for this season to give it a more modern appearance.

Our test model didn’t have an oven, but British-bound models should get one as part of the UK Pack, which also makes the Rapido 8094dF right-hand drive.


There are two double beds in this new-for-2018 Rapido.

As mentioned earlier, an electrically operated double bed drops down over the front lounge and measures a generous 2.10 x 1.48m (6'9" x 4'9").

There is also a make-up double in the rear lounge that is simple to construct, using slide-out slats and cushions, to create a 1.91 x 1.40m (6'3" x 4'6") bed.


Step slightly further back from the kitchen and you’ll enter the washroom, which is split across either side of the corridor.

The toilet and handbasin sit on the UK nearside, with the separate shower cubicle on the offside – the shower itself has a water-saving head.

The floor of that cubicle is slightly impeded by the presence of the top of the wheel arch, but it’s a good size all the same.

Handily, the Rapido’s whole washroom can be closed off by a pair of doors, giving you room to dress inside.

The one downside to this is that the wardrobe is located in the rear lounge.

Technical specs

Travel seats4
Engine (power)130
Fresh/waste water150L / 110L
Leisure battery100 Ah
Kitchen Equipment
3-burner gas hob


A couple of the optional packs contain kit we’d like to see as standard, but the 2018-season Rapido 8094dF is a hugely competent, really comfortable, well-priced A-class that oozes quality and class.

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  • We love this flexible, luxurious and comfortable layout
  • Storage provision throughout is impressive
  • It's a high-quality, well-priced A-class


  • We wish some of the options packs were standard