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Small but perfectly formed? The Lunar Roadstar EL might be the baby of the range, but if you want luxury and a good spec for two, it's worth a look!


The motorhome you see here is one of a number of models that Lunar launched at last October’s NEC show, marking the company’s return to producing coachbuilt motorhomes for the first time in years.

It is doing so in its own factory in Preston, too, after a venture to have them produced in Italy proved short-lived.

This two-berth may be called the Lunar Roadstar EL, but that is already its second name: back in October it was known as the Telstar.

It was changed to be more in keeping with the other three ’vans in the range, all called Roadstar – although they are all four-berths.

This model is a two-berth, and the only one of the four with a large U-shaped rear lounge.

The low-level Renault chassis means there is no fold-out step that you have to climb onto to get in through the habitation door, but Lunar has still provided you with a grab handle immediately inside. The door has a proper internal handle, too.

On the road

All 2017 Roadstars come on a Renault Master base vehicle. It provided us with a smooth ride, and the ’van’s rear wheel overhang is one of the shortest we’ve seen in any coachbuilt – which means great manoeuverability.

The cab is utilitarian: there’s no fancy chrome edging here, just a lot of grey plastic.

There is, however, a twin-view reversing camera as standard.

Lounging & dining

Look up as you enter and you’ll find a handy cubbyhole for keys alongside the controls.

In effect, there are actually two lounges in here: Lunar has designed a small shelf by the wardrobe that should make the perfect resting place for a light snack if you just want to swivel the cab seats around for a quick bite to eat en route.

With two spotlights above you here, and two heating vents below, you will be cosy and comfy.

But it’s this motorhome's rear lounge that is the real draw. And very comfortable it is too, with big, solid cushions and bolsters that offer a fresh, modern look.

For night-time there are four non-directional spotlights under the lockers, and six LED lights above them.

You’ll stay warm on-site thanks to Alde’s wet heating system – unusual in this price bracket – and there’s a Truma Drive Safe regulator in the gas locker, to allow you to keep the heating on when you’re driving.

There are also two speakers in the lounge, as well as a TV bracket on the washroom wall with a mains 12V and TV socket.

Elsewhere here you will find two USB sockets, and a further mains socket under the nearside settee.

The foldaway table is stored in the wardrobe up front, beyond the kitchen, but it easily accommodates five people for dinner.


At first sight, the kitchen looks as though it is going to be just as impressive.

There’s a four-burner dual-fuel hob with extractor fan, a Thetford Aspire 2 oven and grill, and a 95-litre Dometic three-way fridge.

The area is well-lit by two LED units, and although much of it is taken up with the sink, there’s an extension flap that doesn’t obstruct the door.

But where is the space to store dry food?

The cupboard under the wardrobe is mostly taken up by the gas bottle locker, although there is a small drawer above it.

What seems to be a huge overhead locker contains a microwave, plus a crockery and mug rack – so you might have to resort to using the overhead lockers in the rear lounge.


There are no flaws in the sleeping arrangements, however: the huge double bed is one of the easiest to make up that we have come across.

The thickness of the cushions results in a supremely comfortable base, and, as long as neither of you is much over six feet, you can keep the rear cushions in place as a headrest and sleep laterally.

You can have two single beds instead, but then you’d have quite a few cushions to store.


The central washroom isn’t huge, but space has been maximised by the large shower tray sharing space with the washing area.

You still get a rooflight, a light and a towel ring, while behind the triangular washbasin is a mirror that conceals small shelves.

Immediately outside the washroom is a large mirror with a socket for a hair dryer.

It looks as though there are two drawers below, but they turn out to be only very small lockers.


The kitchen area aside, storage in the Lunar Roadstar EL is good, with no fewer than seven unshelved overhead lockers around the rear lounge.

The wardrobe, meanwhile, is only half-height, but should be plenty big enough for the clothes of a couple.

Technical specs

Travel seats2
Engine (power)128
Fresh/waste water90L / 65L
Leisure battery95 Ah
Gas tank size7kg
Number of gas tank compartments2


For a couple, the Lunar Roadstar EL is a comfortable ’van that is nimble on the road, easy to park, and has a high-spec interior.

It’s also a fair match in price for the Auto-Trail Imala 625, its nearest rival.

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  • As a base vehicle, we like the nimble Renault Master
  • That large rear lounge is comfortable, with a domestic feel
  • You get two lounges in a 6.4m-long motorhome!


  • It's strictly for couples
  • Worktop and dry food storage space in the kitchen are in short supply

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