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Yes, it’s a rear lounge, but not like any you’ll have seen before. Is it a real game-changer? Find out in Practical Motorhome's Bürstner Lyseo t 744 review


This year, Bürstner’s line-up includes a new low-profile range that features a rear-lounge layout that could completely remodel the concept.

That’s because this is an L-shaped, not U-shaped, lounge and above it perches a drop-down bed.

All this is in a motorhome that is still only 7.49 metres long. It does have a 2.2m rear overhang, but we found that the ride provided by the Fiat Ducato base vehicle was very smooth indeed.

Setting up on site at Concierge Camping near Chichester was an easy affair.

The hook-up connection is in the same compartment as the water tank, which is sensibly see-through.

Lounging & dining

There is a grab handle and a solid handle on the inside of the Bürstner’s habitation door to help you in past the double floor.

A cubbyhole by the door is ideal for shoes. A slim mirror on the corner here emphasises the feeling of space.

Not that this is a particularly cramped interior: the front dinette includes a side seat and has room for four around the clip-on table. There are four vents providing heating around here.

In daytime the area is well lit, thanks to both a sunroof and a small rooflight. At night-time there are three LED lights across the ceiling, and two more by the door, as well as ambient lighting.

That L-shaped rear lounge should really be the place for spreading out – and admiring the view through the huge side window.

Our 5ft 9in tester found the base cushions so wide that she needed to put a cushion behind her back. Taller occupants had no problem.

The L-shaped layout isn’t the only innovation: pull out what looks like a drawer under the side settees and out comes a coffee table on wheels, which you can set on one of two levels.

When not in use, the pull-out step for the bed makes another useful ledge, featuring storage inside.

There are two vents in the Lyseo t 744’s lounge, while the drop-down bed doesn’t darken the area because there is a large LED light under it.

There’s a sideboard along the wall under the window, but it doesn’t, as we initially thought, hide a television.

There is a TV bracket by the habitation door, but we thought that the ideal spot for a TV – if it isn’t in the sideboard – would be the washroom wall. This can be an option, although you’d need to use the blank sockets on the other side of the aisle.

The spotlights dotted around both lounges slide along plastic tracks that are wisely intended to let you move them to wherever they are needed.

But we found that they are also quite fragile and, because they stick out so far, this made us wary when lowering the drop-down bed.


The kitchen is L-shaped, which helps the cook interact with others. But workspace is limited, with no extension flap, and there is only a three-burner hob.

You don’t get a microwave or an oven as standard in these Bürstner motorhomes, just a Dometic grill.

But there are three large shelved overhead lockers, a big drawer under the 145-litre Dometic AES fridge and a locker above it. So, even if you fitted a microwave, there would still be plenty of storage space.

Below the hob, just where you need it, is a handy pull-out shelf for condiments.


The Bürstner Lyseo t 744’s electrically operated transverse drop-down bed is large and comfortable.

But even at its lowest level it is still quite a haul up, even with the step in place.

The second bed, a drop-down over the front dinette, is a £1250 optional extra that wasn’t fitted to our test ’van.

Without it, this is a huge amount of living space for just two people.


The Bürstner’s central washroom, in contrast, is a little constricted, particularly the shower cubicle.

It does have two drainage holes, however, is well lit by two LED lights, and comes with small racks and a vent.

There’s a waterfall tap on the medium-sized basin, and a cupboard with shelves above the circular loo. But there’s no toilet roll holder, and only tiny hooks for towels.


The garage at the back isn’t tall enough to take a bicycle upright, but it is still spacious, with lights and holds for ropes. But it only has one door.

As for overall storage, the area under the Lyseo t 744’s two travel seats is taken up by the water heater’s boiler.

One disadvantage of having the pull-out coffee table in the rear lounge is that you don’t get any storage under that part of the settee.

Technical specs

Travel seats4
Engine (power)130
Fresh/waste water120L / 100L
Leisure battery90 Ah
Gas tank size13kg
Number of gas tank compartments2


The Bürstner Lyseo t 744’s unique layout makes it hard to compare to other ’vans, but fans of rear lounges should definitely have a look at this.

All this living space for a sub-£50k starting price does look like a good deal.

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  • It's an innovative take on a layout popular with British buyers
  • Couples can enjoy generous living space on a sub 7.5m-long, 3500kg ’van


  • The central washroom is rather tight for space
  • The kitchen's spec might disappoint and worktop is limited