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Compact touring doesn't have to mean compromising on style or equipment – find out what the Chausson Flash 530 fits into a sub-6m, 3500kg MTPLM package


Chausson has done a fine job of cramming a lot into a relatively small and stylish space with the Flash 530. Plus, you get a good range of standard equipment, given the price.

This includes basic features such as the ‘IRP’ structure (improved ‘insulation’, better ‘resistance’ to wear and more ‘protection’ through the GRP outer covering, rot-resistant materials and glued rather than drilled aluminium profiles).

And that's not all. You also get those little things that simply make life easier, such as a dual USB port above the cab and 100 per cent LED lighting, both inside and out.

Add to that a quite racy appearance including alloy wheels as standard, and the Chausson Flash 530 is quite a funky little unit, standing out on the motorhomes for sale pages.

On the road

You can get this model on either the Ford Transit or the Fiat Duacto. The latter is powered by a 2.3-litre turbodiesel engine with 130bhp.

However, our test ’van was on the Ford Transit, which has a 2.0-litre turbodiesel engine under the bonnet that generates 170bhp. It pulls enthusiastically and with little effort, thus you can expect fuel efficiency to be good.

The upright driving position as well as the good forward and peripheral vision make for easy long-distance driving. And although cruise control doesn’t come as standard, we're pleased to see that a colour reversing camera does.

Lounging & dining

The lounge is far more spacious than you might expect in a motorhome that's under 6m long.

You’ll comfortably seat four or five adults around the two parallel settees and one side seat which surround the folding table. Need yet more room? Swivel the captain's seats.

There’s excellent lighting from the LED ceiling lights, along with atmospheric blue LED floor lighting.


Continental kitchens aren't known for ticking all the boxes for British buyers, but the Chausson Flash 530 doesn't do too badly, especially considering the kitchen's compact dimensions.

The three-burner gas hob, a grill, a circular sink and a skinny fridge/freezer can all be accessed easily from the area's central point. It also has plenty of storage space – and that fridge even has a dedicated wine bottle holder.

Work space is a tad limited, it has to be said, although it shouldn’t be an issue for a well-organised chef. And it is nice to be able to chat to guests in the adjacent lounge as you prepare dinner.


The drop-down double bed is operated electrically, and a ladder is provided to help you clamber into it.

If you're accommodating four people, the second sleeping area is made up from the lounge sofas. Which means that if four beds are required, you'll also need to be organised, since you’re effectively using ‘bunks’, albeit very comfortable ones.

One minor gripe? When the drop-down double bed is lowered, it's a fairly tight squeeze between the bed and the entrance door.


The separate washroom and shower offer plenty of space, a swivel loo and sink on one side, the fully lined shower cubicle opposite.

These two discrete areas are split by a large three-quarter length mirror, behind which lies a double wardrobe with a sliding clothes rail that helps make the most of the space.

The washroom of this Chausson motorhome is light and airy with a contemporary design. You also get plenty of storage space for potions and lotions both above and below the rectangular sink.

The opaque window behind the loo lets a good amount of light in, plus it opens for ventilation


In addition to the washroom wardrobe, there’s storage space beneath the lounge seating and a decent mix of drawers either side of the kitchen. You'll also find a large storage area over the cab.

One feature that really impressed us was the externally accessed storage space on the back panel. Gas struts hold the door open for you, the space is lit and heated, plus it's a flexible space, thanks to a pair of fold-down shelves.


There’s a very effective 6kW combi diesel heater which you can employ whilst driving, so you won't have a cold lounge at the end of your journey.

And whilst the improved XPS insulation offers additional warmth along with good sound insulation, there’s a seven-year warranty on water ingress, which should give buyers peace of mind.

In warmer weather the panoramic cab roof can be opened and provides lots of light whatever the weather. Other useful features include the lounge table's electrically operated height adjustment, and you can fold the tabletop out of the way to access the cab.

A winter pack is available as an extra.

What else? We are fans of the all-in-one service hatch on the nearside of the ’van which also gives access to the fuse box – and the hook-up point is adjacent, too.

Technical specs

Travel seats4
Engine (power)170
Fresh/waste water120L / 100L
Gas tank size13kg
Number of gas tank compartments1
Kitchen Equipment
3-burner gas hob
Separate shower cubicle


The Chausson Flash 530 is a good-looking low-profile motorhome which has a raft of standard features that would be extras on many other manufacturer’s models.

It offers very comfortable travel and accommodation for two. In fact, four people are not going to feel overly cramped, despite its modest footprint. The size of the end washroom is particularly impressive.

Chausson has squeezed a lot into this sub-6m ’van, while keeping the MTPLM at 3500kg and ensuring a healthy payload of 712kg.

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  • It has a stylish, contemporary interior
  • The heating system is powerful
  • There's a good sense of space inside, especially in the washroom
  • The externally accessed storage and service points are useful
  • You can have it on the Ford Transit (as tested) or the Fiat Ducato


  • A pretty monochrome interior might have limited appeal and the pale carpet will show the dirt
  • It's a bit of a squeeze between the entrance and the drop-down bed when the latter is lowered
  • The kitchen is very compact