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Loaded with street cred, this is a beautifully built coachbuilt and a real treat for couples on tour – read our Hymer ML-T 630 review to find out more


Both Hymer and Mercedes-Benz have enviable reputations for quality. Add in the fact that both are never the cheapest in the showrooms and it becomes clear that this Hymer ML-T 630 review should cover three main areas: the practicality of the conversion; whether those reputations are justified; and whether it is worth all that dosh.

On the road

“If it looks right, then it probably is,” was one of my engineer dad’s maxims. Because it has a narrower track than its rivals, coachbuilts on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter frequently look overbodied, because they are.

In order to address this and to reduce the Sprinter’s tendency to give a roly-poly ride, Hymer has reduced the body width on the ML-Ts and, as a result, it is more purposeful. I’ve driven several ML-Ts, all with automatic gearboxes, and I reckon that they are the most civilised of all chassis to drive. It’s worth forking out more cash to increase the bhp to 163 (an extra that is actually included in the RRP on examples sold by Lowdhams, like this motorhome). However, the wallet-emptying premium for the 190bhp engine is only for those with deep pockets.

’These Mercedes-Benz Sprinters do roll more in corners than the Sevel/Al-Ko equivalents, but not excessively. I’ve colleagues who run fleets of Sprinters as delivery vehicles and it is not unusual for them to have covered a quarter of a million miles or more on the original engine and gearbox – says it all, really.

Lounging & dining

’The lounge-dinette makes full use of the best seats in the house, which are the ergonomically correct, fully adjustable cab pews. That’s not to say that the L-shaped sofa and inward-facing seat opposite were in any way uncomfortable, because they weren’t. The reason is that Hymer made the effort to sculpt the backrests for effective lumbar support.

’The twin forward-facing travel seat would be a bit cosy for two slightly stocky passengers, but sufficient for a pair of younger people. This motorhome is not huge but it does feature a very commodious lounge, bedroom and washroom.


Something had to give, though, and it ended up being the kitchen. And although this space is not as large as in other Hymers of similar length, it appears to be roomy enough. Worktop is at a premium when the sink is in use. To work around this, I reckon you’ll have to plan the order in which meals are prepared to ensure that the chopping board is used before the sink that it covers.


That sort of compromise doesn’t happen in the rear bedroom, which is a priority in this Hymer. New motorcaravanners may wonder what the principal advantage of this sort of low-level peninsula bed is over, say, a corner one. It is that the partner by the wall benefits from easy access to and egress from the bed without having to climb over the one by the aisle.

’The supplied mattress topper should ensure a good night’s sleep. The Hymer options list may appear challenging to decode, but I’m pretty sure that an even longer mattress and base are available for tall people.


Between the bedroom and kitchen are the split elements of the washroom: the shower on the nearside, and the basin and toilet in a cubicle opposite. Both have their own doors so they can be used simultaneously. They can also be opened to create a huge dressing area, which is in turn separated from the salon by a solid sliding room divider.


A dedicated two-berth motorhome of this size is likely to have a wealth of storage space, and this does. Moreover, it is the way the space is used that is just as important as the amount. Clearly a lot of thought has gone into the ML-T 630’s stowage options. There are so many that there is no space here to itemise it all, but here is a taster: deep drawers offered easy retrieval of tins and packets in the kitchen, a pouch for specs and Kindle adjacent to the headboard, a convertible freezer for more refrigeration and less freezing and, finally, dedicated storage space for the spare wheel.


Equipment levels are high, although as always, there were one or two minor omissions such as a microwave. Whether or not this is important to you and yours doesn’t really matter because items such as these can be bought cheaply and retrofitted.

Other equipment, such as a passenger airbag, road-stability and braking system enhancements, cannot be retrofitted, and these possibly lifesaving items are all fitted as standard, so full marks where it matters.

Technical specs

Travel seats4
Engine (power)163
Fresh/waste water120L / 100L
Leisure battery95 Ah
Gas tank size11kg
Number of gas tank compartments2


The high quality of construction and the many thoughtful design touches confirm that Hymer has put in more effort than many rivals. Call it ‘quality’ or ‘added value’. Whatever it is, the Hymer ML-T 630 has it big time. When compared to others in this market sector, it is worth that 70-grand price tag – no question!



  • The rear bedroom is the star attraction
  • Storage space is generous


  • The kitchen is very compact

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