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Despite its eye-watering price tag, read our review and discover why we think the Knaus Sun I 900 LEG represents fantastic value for money


The Knaus Sun I A-class range is as small as a range can be – it’s made up of just two models. However, this is the only thing that’s small about them.

Knaus has thought ‘big’ with these flagship models, not only with their 8.82m (almost 29 feet) length, but also with their target market appeal. They are aimed at those wishing for luxury to be in the DNA of their motorcaravanning experience, and this has been achieved by going back to the metaphorical drawing board on everything and considering just how it can all be made a little bit better. In addition, Lowdhams has specified (almost) every conceivable extra as standard, and included them all in the price tag.

For us, the essence of the Sun I is that it is a contemporary living space worthy of the most upmarket apartment, but can be taken wherever you want.


Those who haven’t driven this tandem-axle, low-line, wide track, independently sprung Ducato-Al-Ko-Kober-combo would be forgiven for wondering why the flagship isn’t on a Mercedes-Benz. Those who have will know that Ducato ‘six appeal’ offers class-leading handling, braking and payload; the latter has been increased still further by Lowdhams to 975kg.

On the road

As for the on-road experience: it’s not actually the length of the model that demands care (except on some crowded European sites), but its effect on the turning circle. The Knaus Sun I 900 LEG is fine on most roads – providing one doesn’t cut corners – but route planning does need to become a priority.

Lounging & dining

Inside, let’s start at the front by looking at the lounge/dining area. Aguti cab seats are possibly the best pews; they’re fully adjustable this way and that, and have ergonomically designed lumbar support and twin armrests. That said, the settees take some beating when it comes to feet-up relaxing. The nearside one is L-shaped, but isn’t the usual compromise between travel and lounge seating – a sculpted corner cushion is replaced with a flatter, forward-facing one for travel. Clever, eh?

Behind the nearside seating is a TV that emerges courtesy of an electric motor, so there’s no need for much effort – although one still has to press the buttons on the remote for the fully automatic satellite system to bring you your latest soap fix. The operation of lighting, heating and the reading of levels can be achieved remotely via a smartphone or tablet.


Immediately behind the Knaus Sun I 900 LEG's main salon is the kitchen, which is split either side of the central aisle. All of the base units, together with the hob and sink, are on the offside with additional slide-out storage, a two-door fridge freezer and a (somewhat loftily placed) combi-gas oven and grill on the nearside.

All of the drawers are soft-close, the task lighting efficient, and the adjacent, glass-fronted unit with cubby holes looks both stylish and useful. Conspicuous by its absence on our test motorhome was a 230V microwave oven.


‘Curved and conjoined’ was the best description that I could come up with for the generously sized, permanent single beds at the rear. The arrangement is pure eye candy, but for some a centrally placed bedside table might be more practical. There are two roof-mounted air-con units, though, handy for unpleasantly warm nights.

Those seeking a permanent double bed here should take a look at this ’van’s 900 LEX stablemate; both models also have a huge, drop-down double bed over the cab.


The centrally placed washroom in the Knaus Sun I 900 LEG is one of the best I’ve come across; it can be separate or en-suite, and has a door that can be used to partition off or include the loo. It’s possible for a couple to use discrete areas at the same time while maintaining privacy. Alternatively, both sections can be combined to form a huge dressing area with all the facilities, including a walk-in shower.

Whoever was responsible for choosing the glass shower doors, the contemporary Monobloc tap and the stylish basin and shower-drainage systems deserves a bonus, because they have epitomised the company’s mission statement for the Knaus Sun I: ‘The best of everything, and always a bit more than you need’.


Storage is vital to such a sybaritic lifestyle, and here it’s varied and vast. Particularly praiseworthy are the dedicated exterior-access services locker and the vast garage.


The kit count was impossible to measure, because extras kept being discovered. It’s best summed up by re-reading Knaus’s mission statement above!

Technical specs

Travel seats4
Engine (power)180
Fresh/waste water180L / 200L
Leisure battery95 Ah
Secondary leisure battery95 Ah
Gas tank size11kg
Number of gas tank compartments2
Kitchen Equipment
Combined Oven/Grill


The Knaus Sun I 900 LEG isn’t cheap, but it does offer great value for money. In the introduction we referred to (almost) every conceivable extra – what we really missed was an awning. Despite that, we strongly recommend that this motorhome should be on the shortlist of anybody considering full-timing. And to see other Knaus motorhomes for sale, click here.



  • Accommodation is luxurious and equipment is plentiful
  • Despite its size, the Knaus is good to drive
  • The central washroom is stylish and a very flexible space


  • There's no awning
  • It has a big overhang