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It's smart, clever and can be extensively customised, so even if you've not heard of the firm, don't discount the S & L Motorhomes Atlanta 6.4FL


Here we are reviewing the S & L Motorhomes Atlanta 6.4FL. Never heard of S & L? Well, that may be because the answer to the question, 'is S & L a new kid on the motorhome block?' is both ‘yes’ and ‘no’.

This Yorkshire-based company has been a highly-regarded manufacturer of high-end motorised horseboxes for 33 years. Even just a cursory glance at one of the firm's magnificent Equine vehicles reveals that they are actually sold short by the horsebox moniker – these are far more, as they provide transport and luxury accommodation for both horses and people.

Recently, the firm has expanded into PVC motorhome specific conversions with a range of six Ducato-based models, as well as providing a bespoke design and build service on any base vehicle.


The subject of this evaluation is the extra-long version of the forward lounge Atlanta. This places a full-width changing room/comfort station just ahead of a useful full-height rear storage area.

Please bear in mind that the motorhome we are reviewing was built as a demonstrator. If customers are purchasing one, all fabrics and finishes, the style and type of locker doors, the base vehicle spec and so on are all decided by the buyer.

On the road

The 2.3-litre Euro 5+ engine fitted to this Atlanta 6.4FL has 130bhp and is a good match to this shape and weight of motorhome. This was running on the cost option 16-inch alloy wheels that added presence.

Even on this extra-long version (6.363m), the rear overhang is a mere 34% of the total wheelbase with a steep departure angle, so grounding is unlikely to be a problem. This demonstrator ’van benefitted from the upgrade to the touchscreen radio with CD player, perfect for those of us stuck in the slow lane of the digital highway! But, of course, with a bespoke product like this, you can spec the system to meet your requirements.

Lounging & dining

When it comes to mealtimes, the smaller ‘occasional’ table can be deployed in the cab or in the main salon, whereas the larger rectangular one has to be placed in front of the long inward-facing settee. It may be inward-facing, but the unobstructed view through the opened sliding door can only be described as panoramic.

The TV in this Atlanta 6.4FL rose from under the worktop opposite which, apart from being a really rather pleasing design touch, should ensure a comfortable viewing angle.


Split either side of the aisle, the well-equipped kitchen in this ’van is laid out thoughtfully so that two can work together and everything is to hand.

Equipment isn’t just about inclusion, but also position. As with the aforementioned TV, the microwave is also positioned at a sensible height. We also really appreciate the fold-away additional worktop that provides a balcony work surface so that those who need to or want to sit at it can do so without having to be side-saddle, which can be uncomfortable and awkward.


The S & L Motorhomes Atlanta 6.4FL provides a no-choice double-bed for the somnolent which, according to the manufacturer, is 6ft long and 4ft 2in wide.

That said, if you're tall, it is possible to have a longer bed fitted, providing it is specified at the time of order. As ever, with bespoke products such as this, it is worth emphasising that S & L will build what you want, not want someone else thinks you want.


The door in the far rear wall of the kitchen opens to reveal a surprisingly spacious washroom with all the usual kit, plus an en-suite wardrobe. Although the room is windowless, we didn’t feel at all claustrophobic.

The Atlanta's washroom has not one entrance door but two. The other is for exterior access, as well as making it easy to load longer items, such as skis, canoes, step ladders, rolls of carpet and so on.


We like the tambour doors used throughout this ’van, as you can’t bash your head on them when they're open, plus they look pleasingly contemporary.

The standard spec from S & L also included some welcome bonuses such as two high quality leisure batteries, two tables and so on. However, we were disappointed by the lack of a passenger airbag on this demonstrator ’van – S & L assures us that passenger airbags will be fitted to production models.

Technical specs

Travel seats2
Engine (power)130
Fresh/waste water90L / 75L
Leisure battery95 Ah
Secondary leisure battery95 Ah


S & L is not the first with this layout, but in this Atlanta 6.4FL, the company has produced a stylish and well-executed version of it. Flexibility and choice run through this firm's customer-focused approach to motorhome construction, and this British-built ’van certainly is a well-screwed-together product, priced from £47,750 OTR, £53,900 as tested.



  • The kitchen has a good spec and layout
  • The washroom is well-proportioned, given the motorhome's size
  • Being bespoke, you can get what you want from your ’van


  • As they are built-to-order, you'll have to wait for your dream motorhome