Find out if bigger means better in the Practical Motorhome 2014 Adria Twin 640 SPX review – it certainly brings the comfort of a fixed transverse double


Make no mistake: Adria’s Twin on the ‘old’ Fiat X44 Ducato was a game-changer shortly after its UK launch in 2003. It was the first volume, high-top motorcaravan to feature a permanent double-bed at the rear. Brave, brilliantly executed and superb value, it had other manufacturers shaking their heads and muttering: “It’ll never catch on.” But it did, and today any brand worth its salt has at least one such layout.

Few can match Adria’s elegant simplicity and efficient use of space. Preferences change over time, so Adria has produced an extended version of the original Twin layout on the extra-long Ducato. 

Before potential buyers of the 600 SP can consider the 640 SPX instead, it must be less than 6m long to retain maximum manoeuvrability and allow it to be used as an ‘only vehicle’, saving the expense of a runabout car. 


The extra-long Adria Twin 640 SPX offers nothing fundamentally different in layout or spec from its well-established, long-wheelbase older sibling. Instead it focuses on incremental improvements to the rear bed, washroom, lounge and kitchen.

Let’s start with a squint around the outside. For those unfamiliar with the differences between the long and extra-long versions, both are the same height and width and, although the 640 SPX is 36cm longer overall, it has the same 4.04m wheelbase as the 600 SP. The extra volume is all behind the rear axle.

The long version of the Twin uses the 3300kg Ducato as its base, whereas the extra-long one rides on the 3500kg model. Despite the additional metal, licence requirements and payload remain the same.

The real downer for many planning to use the 640 SPX as a car is that, despite having right-hand drive, the sliding door is on the offside. Passengers are discharged into traffic rather than on to the pavement.

Lounging & dining

It’s inside where the extra-long version comes into its own. At first glance, the extra, nearside perch in the lounge-dinette looks to be of limited value, but it is great for feet-up relaxing and for its ability to create a ‘sit around’ table, making it easier to play board games.


Similar gains in width are apparent in the kitchen. The drawers are wider and there is a tantalising suggestion of worktop around the recessed sink.

Fancy a sundowner? A trip to the fridge flags up another advantage of the improved galley in the longer Twin. There is a lot more room in the fridge, which has now been upgraded to a twin-door, domestic-style unit.


The generous fixed transverse double bed is tapered but is still wider at its narrowest point than a standard domestic double bed. This will make it a boon for the super-sized or restless sleeper. However, it isn’t really fixed, though it can be left made-up. A hinged base and divided mattress ease carriage of bulky items, and tie-down cleats are as standard.

Both Twins of this layout work well, but the way you use a ’van will determine which is better for you.


Opposite the fridge-freezer is the Adria Twin 640 SPX's washroom, which in this extra-long version includes a roomier shower area. As well as being bigger than the 600’s, it has migrated to the central aisle.

Clever tambour doors enable access to just the loo and basin, or to include the shower tray. When not in use, the shower tray is covered by a duckboard which is camouflaged by being topped with the same floor covering as used in the salon.

Technical specs

Travel seats4
Fresh/waste water100L / 90L
Gas tank size11kg
Number of gas tank compartments2
Kitchen Equipment
2-burner gas hob


So, we've come to the end of the Practical Motorhome Adria Twin 640 SPX review and we have to ask: does size matter?

The improvements in the extra-long model appear to be ho-hum at first glance, but we tried it on site and are convinced that the upgrades are significant. 

In the end, do the benefits of the extra-long Twin make it better than the original? It all hinges on how much you are going to use it as a car. That offside sliding door and reduced park-ability may cancel out the upgrades. 

The benefits of the extra-long base include a wider rear bed, more space to shower, a better kitchen and a more flexible lounge. Still, the offside sliding door and lower manoeuvrability may be deal-breakers.



  • The longer length means there's more space inside
  • The fixed transverse double bed is a good size
  • There's useful extra space in the lounge-dinette


  • It has an offside sliding door

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