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Read Practical Motorhome's review of a used Hymer B584 – it's a great and affordable way to get an A-class


You can get a new motorcaravan for £30,000, so why buy a used one? Well, when you find a vehicle like this one, it presents a compelling case - how else could you get an A-Class for this kind of money? This one's winterised, full of equipment and you can barely tell it's been used inside.


It is surprising how little the bodywork of A-class motorhomes’ can date. The B584 looks almost as young as vehicles several years later that sit on face-lifted vehicles – a credit to Hymer’s designers.
You get a double-floor that houses the water tanks – accessible through the internal floor hatches. However, neither the cab nor the habitation area door is on the correct side for driving in Britain.

On the road

The B584 sits on the face-lifted Ducato MkIII chassis, with a common-rail injection 2.8-litre turbodiesel.
It’s hard not to notice the size of the vehicle, though the Al-Ko chassis cuts out the body-roll you might experience from a similarly-sized, standard chassis coachbuilt.
The A-class windscreen provides excellent views, though the distance from there to the dashboard can be off-putting at first. The lounge windows offer good all-round visibility akin to a van conversion, and you get good through-view via the rear window.
You get captain seats in the cab, with front and rear height adjustment. The Hymer 584 has a single rear travel seat that’s very comfortable.
We would recommend taking any potential used buy to a weighbridge because specification and payloads can vary considerably (see our ten-step guide to test driving by clicking (see our ten-step guide to test driving by clicking here).
A-class motorhomes are generally quieter than coachbuilts due to extra engine shielding and integrated bodywork. The B584 is especially quiet, thanks to the generous amount of sound-dampening carpet around the dashboard area.

Lounging & dining

The 584’s layout has a very open feel, thanks to a small, single-leg table which can be stored in the cupboard. Most 584s would have had a heftier table with a fixed, single leg (evidenced by the table leg-shaped hole in the carpet): this set-up looks too neat to be a retro-fit; we’ve seen no images or brochures showing a removable table in this model.
The dining table is small but it works, and with all three swivels turned in, there is plenty of room for friends to lounge and chat. It’s disappointing that the driver’s seat is awkward to get around (it only turns through 90º). There’s still room to sit on it, but a shorter sofa could improve its position without sacrificing the third dining seat.
The upholstery is still beautifully supportive even after these years of ownership. For watching TV, the 584 simply has a fridge-top space, above which there is lots of room for mounting a TV, although this would leave the TV on display in the vehicle, attracting unwelcome interest from would-be thieves.
The lockers look identical to those in newer stablemates. The worst signs of wear are peeling paint on the lounge downlighters
Thanks to its big windscreen, large side windows and rooflights, the’van doesn’t suffer from a lack of light.
A previous owner has fitted stick-on coat hooks below the fridge worktop, by the door, and two more, higher up.


The 584 has an oven and a double sink with solid cover, so if you cover the larger sink, there’s space to fit a chopping board and still have sink access.
Kitchen storage space is good: you get a slide-out bin and wire tray in the double cupboard beneath the sink. There’s also a deep drawer beneath the oven and a big drawer for cutlery, but annoyingly positioned 230V sockets beneath the lockers to the right of the sinks.


The 584 has a simple, extendable base to create a large single bed, but the main bed is a drop-down double, which has plenty of headroom and a large, comfortable mattress. The mattress is in fine condition, and comes with a cover.


The Hymer 584’s washroom has a wind-up roof light, but headroom (particularly noticeable in the shower) feels a little low. There is an excellent towel rail fitted in the corner which has drying space for two towels. There are four hooks, too.
The washroom has a separate shower with a sturdy GRP shower tray, a corner sink and a tapered surround towards the toilet. However, there isn’t much space around the toilet nor much room to wash in the sink.


Exterior storage space is superb. It has double-floor lockers, but is let down by a low payload (this could be uprated for around £200).
There are rear (18 x 85cm DxW) and mid-axle (15 x 57cm DxW) double-floor spaces, each accessed by twist-lock skirt doors on either side. Each has a floor hatch, too, for access to the spare wheel (which it looks as if it would be awkward to remove). You also get an under-sofa locker.
Internally, locker storage is good: there are excellent gas-strut sofa bases which are easy to raise for access to a huge space.

Technical specs

Travel seats3
Waste water100L
External Options
Aluminium sidewalls, Integral awning, Electric step
Kitchen Equipment
Dometic Fridge, 3-burner gas hob, Combined Oven/Grill
Thetford C-250 toilet


A superb package that looks younger than its years.



  • Open ‘bar’ layout
  • Excellent condition
  • Good level of specification.


  • Low payload