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Get the definitive verdict on the Adria Coral Compact S590 SP in the Practical Motorhome review


Adria is making a bold statement with that metallic red paint, although an attractive silver and white combination is standard. The Coral Compact has a low-profile GRP front section that elegantly merges with aluminium sandwich construction sidewalls, suitably winterised for potential buyers such as skiers, who might stow kit in the garage. There are GRP skirts and a sunroof in the low-profile front, making it feel more airy than some rivals.

The overall finish is excellent, and little touches such as the padded edge on the lounge lockers add a sense of quality.

The main corridor is wide enough for couples to move around without stepping on each others’ toes, and recessed spotlights around the low-profile sunroof mean even six-footers can walk around freely. However, when the washroom door swings out it clashes with the fridge door.

For access, the Adria is a winner. It has a grab handle by the entrance door, plus a recessed entrance step that is low to the ground. Other positives include the position of the heating controls, beneath the kitchen worktop, which means you can adjust them from the bed.

On the road

This ’van is built on a Fiat Ducato base vehicle, whose 2.3 JTD engine is meaty enough. One advantage of that chassis is that it has a wide rear track for greater stability.

Unlike some compact motorhomes, this one has a rear window to help with reversing and overall visibility, although there is no reversing camera. It also has red colour-coded panels on the dashboard which, while a little garish to some tastes, show attention to detail.

The Ducato cab is a comfortable place to be, with a couple of centimetres more headroom than a Transit-based ’van, and twin armrests. Cab blinds are standard.

Lounging & dining

Compact layouts have to compromise somewhere – and because Continental buyers tend to favour dining areas over lounges, more emphasis is placed on mealtimes. As a result, the half-dinette (with its swing-out section under the table) is all-important.

Lounging is not especially comfy because there is no decent method for dismantling or stowing the dining table. However, you do get a fully swivelling bracket for a flatscreen TV plus a funky LED strip light above the nearside window – and the back of the offside single seat doubles as a cupboard door. This saves space but makes the seat shallower because of the cupboard behind it, and so forces you to sit bolt upright.


The kitchen has three burners and a deep, steel sink as well as one 240V plug socket. There is a large section of worktop beside the space-saving combined sink and hob unit, and it boasts a large extractor fan (which makes a difference when cooking in a confined space). It also has the Dometic 8-series fridge in its classy and compact kitchen, which comes with removable freezer compartment and stylish interior blue light.

Food storage is good, but the bottom drawer is slightly obstructed by the steps up to the bed.


Headroom is the issue here, and Adria has addressed it by lowering the garage roof below to give more room above the bed. You can sit up in the bed, which is a transverse double with a slatted base. Most ’vans in this class have wall boards, but the Adria beats the rest with its padded headrest. It also has four transverse lockers and a cubby hole with a tambour door at the head end. The adjustable TV bracket over the bed means you can comfortably lie back and watch telly. Also, the bracket and steps up to the bed are attached to a very stylish, illuminated pole. In fact, the only criticism here is that the steps obstruct the corridor and are easy to stub your toes on.

The extra single bed is a standard size. It feels well supported by the main dinette table and has flush-fitting cushions.


The washroom is a basic yet perfectly functional affair. It has a separate shower with good elbow room, one plug hole and a pleated shower curtain. There are three mirrors around the head-height cupboard, and a space-saving tambour door on the cupboard below the sink.


The maximum payload is competitive and the Coral has four fixing points with two plug holes for drainage.

The garage is a good size but the offside wardrobe is shallow because it is behind the single seat. However, it is at a good height and has a transverse hanging rail that slides out.

Technical specs

Travel seats4
Waste water100L
External Options
Aluminium sidewalls, Awning light
Kitchen Equipment
Dometic Fridge, 3-burner gas hob, Extractor fan
Thetford C-250 toilet, Shower curtain
Truma Gas/Electric heater, Truma Electric/Gas water heater


An attractive ’van with an intelligent design and a compact layout that works. Good levels of comfort and equipment.



  • Good sleeping options
  • A great kitchen
  • It squeezes a lot into a small space


  • The offside single seat is uncomfortable
  • Fixed steps obstruct the corridor