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Build quality is high, as you might expect from this brand, but find out more about the Westfalia Big Nugget in the Practical Motorhome review


Our left-hand-drive Nugget has its entry door on the UK offside and offers an electric entry step. There’s alternative access via the rear doors.

The Nugget has a toilet locker and gas on board and our ’van came with an awning – an option we’d probably go for, given the shortage of internal space in a camper.
High-tops can mostly be used all year round, and with all the models here having onboard fresh-water tanks, it’s a possibility.

Inside, the Nugget makes a distinctive impression with its grey carpeting, automotive-style hard-wearing seat fabrics and tough, granite-look laminated locker construction with robust finger latches. It’s all offset by pale wood veneers and is minimalist and stylish 
– or cold, depending on your point of view. For outdoor enthusiasts though, it’s great. It looks like all you’d need to do is wipe down the interior with a wet cloth.

There’s a rock’n’roll rear seat bench mounted on floor runners, and it backs onto an L-shaped kitchen and a washroom across the rear. The no-cost roof bed option is hinged at its foot at the cab end of the ’van, and held in place by sliding catches on either side at the other end.

On the road

Our test-model Westfalia had the 2.2-litre 130bhp, an upgrade on the standard 110bhp engine. The 130 version is no longer available though, and has been replaced by the 2.4-litre 140bhp upgrade with six-speed manual gearbox.

Our ’van was a left-hand-drive model but importer Roy Wood Transits told us that it would be available in right-hand drive mode from August 2008.

The Big Nugget's maximum weight of 3500kg is good news for younger motorcaravanners 
in terms of driving licence restrictions at home and abroad, and each comes with a decent payload for four people.

Both cab seats swivel. The Isringhausen seats and standard air-con cosset the cab passengers nicely, while its branded cab and living area carpets are a neat touch. There are belted, forward-facing rear passenger seats, which are comfortable and fully crash-tested, and can accommodate three.

The Westfalia has rear wipers but the tall kitchen obscures vision in left-hand drive mode. At under 6m long, it has a short footprint and will pose no parking problems in terms of length.

Lounging & dining

The Nugget offers a four-seater lounge with the cab seats swivelled – a process which took some to-ing and fro-ing. The seat bench can slide forward for a more intimate lounge, though.

In dining mode, the Nugget’s table clips to a rail, and when it’s not being used it has its own storage space behind the wardrobe at the rear of the ’van. However, even with the table clipped to the rail as far forward as possible, it’s a bit of a lunge for the person in the swivelled passenger seat to reach the table at meal times.

The only living-space lighting is a cab light unit with two separate reading lamps. When you take account all the dark greys in its colour scheme, and the rather small side windows, it makes for a rather gloomy interior.


Kitchens are often compromised when you’re struggling for space in 
a small van conversion, and there is evidence of this here. The Nugget offers a two-burner hob, without spark ignition, and a small sink. It also has a towel rail on the locker door, a drawer for the cutlery, and sufficient lighting overhead, but no extractor fan. There's no grill, but at least there is a Westfalia-branded compressor fridge (12V).

In a nutshell, it's enough to boil an egg or cook kippers for your breakfast, but not much else.


It’s easy (and quick) to turn the rock ’n’ roll Nugget bench seat into a bed: the seat base rises and extends forward and the back rest lies flat. There’s a hinged infill section supported by a leg, plus one other infill cushion, and it makes up into a tidy, very comfy, flat surface.

The Nugget’s comfy roof bed pulls down easily on its hinges and is surrounded by a safety net, but there are no lights up there, so it all feels rather claustrophobic and dark.


The Nugget’s washroom is outstanding. The door swings through 180 degrees, so it can also act as a toilet door; open out to form the larger shower room; and open inwards into the kitchen for easier access from the washroom area. The shower head fixes to the washroom door, and a detachable shower curtain hangs over coat-style hooks 
to protect the woodwork.

A smart little addition is the dedicated clothes hanger which pulls out and across the washroom area and fastens into place. The basin in the corner of the washroom is almost as large and deep as a domestic basin. All in all, it’s a top-quality solution in such a small space.


Although the Nugget’s seat bench is removable so you can open up your living area for realistic load carrying, it’s not something you’d want to do often, or on your own, given the weight of the steel-framed bench.

Technical specs

Travel seats5
Waste water90L
External Options
Electric step
Kitchen Equipment
Dometic Fridge, 2-burner gas hob
Thetford C-200 toilet, Shower curtain
Eberspacher space heater


With a shower, toilet and gas hobs on board, this is the perfect ’van for short breaks away.



  • Immaculate build quality and finish


  • Poor lighting in living quarters

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