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Find out what the experts think of the Knaus Sun Ti 650 MF in the Practical Motorhome review


The Sun Ti 650 MF certainly looks smart enough thanks to its classy use of sky blue paint and grey graphics – the latter work especially well in tandem with the elegant rear light clusters to make the back of the ’van more attractive than most. We weren’t quite so sure about the sky-blue bumper, though, which looked a little incongruous.

Once inside, you're presented with a modern and, to our eyes, extremely attractive interior. The dark grey upholstery is tasteful, blending well with the light-coloured wood, and the build quality is excellent, too.

The locker is better located than some, just 62cm off the ground, but it’s designed in such a way that the bottles have to go in singly and sit transversely, meaning that to change the inner one you’ll have to take the outer one out first.

On the road

We're fond of the Renault Master base but it is beginning to show its age, and the maximum payload of just 491kg is not a strong point for this 'van. Neither is the 2.5-litre Renault engine, which is beaten for power and torque by some smaller units. On the plus side it does have power steering, anti-lock brakes, six-speed gearbox, reversing camera and attractive Aguti seats, while the cab is air-conditioned.

Lounging & dining

There's a half-dinette with a side-facing sofa, and a large table (98 x 60cm) that extends to 128 x 60cm in order to provide table space for those in the side-facing seat and the driver’s swivelled seat. The table extends via a pull-out mechanism: just press a lever under the table, pull on it, and an additional piece rises from under the tabletop to pop into place. There are two windows on either side of the lounge and an electrically operated rooflight for natural light.

Equipment-wise, the living area comes loaded with a 15-in flatscreen television, a radio/CD/DVD player and rear heat exchanger – not bad.

One intriguing aspect of the lounge is the pull-out raised floor section that lives under the side-facing dinette seat. Because the seat is so high, most will find sitting there a little uncomfortable because their legs will dangle in mid-air – hence the pull-out floor-raiser. Why not just raise the whole floor, you ask? Well, since this is such a low ’van (at 2.65m), that would restrict headroom. It also has a fancy flatscreen TV mount that rests against the ceiling when not in use.


The kitchen is L-shaped, with lots of counter space, a decent-sized sink, an oven/grill and loads of storage space. The giant tambour-doored cupboard that opens to reveal pull-out dish racks is a particularly nice touch. Sadly, the three-burner hob is narrow and set a little too close to the kitchen window for our liking. Also, it lacks an extractor fan.


The rear-corner double bed is not the biggest but does the job, and there are two reading lamps as well as a panoramic bedside window. The design of the all-important lounge bed is not so great, however. Making it up involves a complicated, awkward operation that begins with the lowering of the lounge table, which is a very heavy one.


The Sun Ti has one of the smallest washrooms we've seen in this price range but it's not prohibitively tiny. There’s enough legroom around the toilet, although the tambour-doored shower stall, which is backed into a corner, can be a bit of a squeeze. There’s a good-sized mirror which doubles as a toiletries cabinet but space inside is a little tight. Also, it has only one hook and no rooflight/ventilator, while the window pane is not frosted.


The large wardrobe comes with a separate space beneath it and is handily positioned outside the washroom, opposite the bed. The door is concave to prevent its intrusion on movement through the ’van, but this doesn’t compromise the space too much. Meanwhile the extra storage space under the main bed, accessible from both outside and inside, is more roomy than you might expect.

Technical specs

Travel seats4
Waste water100L
External Options
Aluminium sidewalls
Kitchen Equipment
Thetford Fridge, 3-burner gas hob, Combined Oven/Grill
Thetford C-250 toilet
Truma Electric/Gas Blown air heater


An attractive motorhome with a wonderful ambience.



  • Modern interior design; generously equipped


  • Small washroom; small rear bed; awkward, uncomfortable lounge bed