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Read Practical Motorhome's review of the Adria Coral Sport S573 DS, a low-profile 'van that represents great value for money


The Coral Sport S573 DS is a low-profile 'van built on the 33L version of the Fiat Ducato chassis. That means it has a modest MTPLM of 3300kg, but surprisingly, this doesn’t end up being too much of a handicap since it boasts an ample payload of 715kg. It has a better locker than some in its class, at just 58.5cm off the ground, but it can’t be accessed with the habitation door open. The waste-water tank is also mounted towards the rear, which could cause handling problems when full.

The interior isn’t flimsy or badly-built, but it lacks the pizzazz of more expensive 'vans. The table surfaces are grey plastic, the upholstery is grey brightened with blue, and the wood is the same light shade throughout. Nevertheless, it’s by no means unpleasant – even though it’s strictly utilitarian, it seems more like a blank canvas, just waiting for someone to give it life. This impression stems mainly from the build quality, which is rock solid, and the cheering sense of light and space that Adria has managed to create. It really does seem a much bigger ’van on the inside than on the outside.

On the road

The Coral Sport has a fairly small engine – a 100bhp 2.2-litre unit which only provides 184 lb/ft of torque – so don't expect stunning performance. It's a front-wheel drive 'van with five-speed gearbox, anti-lock brakes, cruise control and electric windows and mirrors. There's no radio or air-conditioning in the cab – it's essentials only in this package.

Lounging & dining

The Adria has a remarkably roomy lounge with a dinette easily big enough for four people without the need to swivel the cab seats. The big table (100 x 72.5cm) provides more than enough room for meals and lounging, and feels sturdy, too. There is also a very attractive panoramic window by the dinette. For ventilation purposes it might be better to include an opening rooflight as well because you may not want to keep that huge window open for ventilation, particularly on colder nights. The lounge also has a power point, conveniently located on the rear-facing bench. The simple dinette design also allows the front-facing bench to be used as travel seats because two seatbelts are fitted.


This is where the S573 DS loses out: with so much room elsewhere, something had to give and it was the kitchen. There’s good storage space in the drawers and two overhead lockers, the three-burner hob is roomy and the sink has a wide 36cm diameter; but counter space is in short supply and there is no oven/grill. The power point is a nice touch, though: located just below the counter, it’s positioned sideways to ensure that the cables can easily be trailed laterally and around the counter so they don’t get in the way.


The rear corner bed is more than adequate, with two reading lamps and a bedside window, but it’s in the lounge that things really get interesting. In order to accommodate four without an overcab bed, the occasional lounge bed needs to be good. In this case it's made up by lowering the table, pulling out and flattening the dinette seat cushions (which are secured with clips and buttons, rather than strips of Velcro), pulling out a couple of extending supports and dropping in a folding fill-in cushion. It's a simple yet effective design that some more expensive 'vans struggle to match.


It’s when you get to the washroom that you start to wonder whether Adria have somehow invented a means of distorting the space-time continuum: one characteristic of the corner-bed layout is that it allows for roomy corner washrooms, but the Adria’s is genuinely huge. There’s ample space for toiletries in two lockers, with push-button latches positioned over the sink and a tambour-doored cabinet beneath it. Only two things let it down: the first being the lack of a ventilator/rooflight (there’s only a frosted window) and the second being the strange configuration of the two mirrors: the bigger one requires you to stand in the shower stall to see yourself and the smaller one is only useful as a face mirror.


The Adria has a big wardrobe to the left of the habitation door, with a separate shoe cupboard beneath it. There is storage spaces under the corner beds that's accessible from outside as well as inside, though it's fairly small.

Technical specs

Travel seats4
Waste water85L
External Options
Aluminium sidewalls
Kitchen Equipment
Dometic Fridge, 3-burner gas hob
Thetford C-250 toilet
Truma Electric/Gas Blown air heater


A real champion. Designed to maximise quality and functionality while keeping prices down, and that’s a hard strategy to knock.



  • Value for money; clever use of space, especially in washroom.


  • Small and ill-equipped kitchen.