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Read Practical Motorhome's expert Carthago Liner 65 LE review – it's a luxury motorhome and Lowdham's flagship 'van


Few motorhomes ooze European luxury and class more than those with a Carthago badge, but it’s the Liner range that heads up them all; the German company is proud to describe it as Carthago’s ‘premium class’.

Flexibility is key here, as almost endless options are available to the customer and each motorhome is built to customer order – at a price, of course.

Here, we tested sole-UK-importer Lowdham Leisureworld’s flagship ’van, the Liner 65 LE, introduced last year. Its layout combines a spacious rear bedroom with twin singles that can be converted to a double, a massive amidships washroom and front lounge.

There are a number layouts and even base vehicles to choose from but no matter which combination you select, the quality of the fixtures and fittings remains the same – everything within feels solid and sturdy, and the fabrics used are luxurious and hardwearing. As you’d expect, the Liner’s kit level is correspondingly high: in this ’van you’ll get a domestic-style raindrop shower, heated lockers within the double floor, a coffee machine, a double-doored garage capable of swallowing two scooters… the list goes on. Factor in the other options available to you – which include a fingerprint-recognition entry system, a petrol-driven generator and (unbelievably) a dishwasher – and it’s easy to see why the Liner won the 'Best luxury motorhome over 3500kg' category in our 2010 Motorhome of the Year Awards.

Technical specs

Travel seats3
Waste water300L


The Liner will remain a dream purchase for most of us, but if you're lucky enough for it to be affordable at €187496, you won't be disappointed by the top notch materials and workmanship throughout. Also, the fact that it's so customisable, is a big attraction.



  • Beautifully finished with high quality fittings, including lovely retro-style clocks and gauges.


  • That €187496 price tag, and an options list that will see it soar further.

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