The 11-branch Marquis Motorhomes is offering a top-flight version of the Elddis Autoquest 155, which perfectly illustrates the benefits that dealer specials offer motorhome buyers.

The Marquis Majestic is the best-selling range of dealer special editions on these shores. Four years ago, Britain’s biggest motorhome dealer network teamed up with Elddis motorhomes to offer a range of Majestic dealer specials, which have gone on to strike a chord with buyers looking for extra specification and value for money.

To anyone not familiar with the concept, a dealer special is based on the standard production version of a given model – in this case the Elddis Autoquest 155, but with upgraded specification chosen by the retailer whose logo and branding they carry.

The extra kit includes desirable items that make a good product even better, and the complete package is then sold at an eye-catching price. It’s therefore the most affordable way of up-rating the specification of a ’van.

A dealer special will also go beyond a manufacturer’s options pack, offering some of these benefits, plus extra nice-to-have features. Buying a dealer special edition is also a good way to get a better-equipped ’van without having to go up a range, where there could be a weight penalty to go with the extra outlay.

So who decides what extra kit goes in a dealer special? Andy Brand, group marketing director of Marquis Motorhomes, says that customers’ views are strongly taken into consideration when Elddis and Marquis collaborate on a specification, and this is why the range is so popular.

“Not only is it good value for money, but the distinctive styling and high equipment level are key to the buying process. This is a market where value for money is very important and that is why the Majestic range sells so well. “Another major factor is that the customer can, and does, buy a Majestic from any Marquis branch and collect it and have it serviced at any of the other 10 branches. This is unique to Marquis Motorhomes.”

And the popularity of the Majestic could well increase further next season. An exclusive deal struck by Marquis with Elddis and Peugeot will lead to 2015 Majestics boasting the 150bhp engine, plus enhanced specification, as the standard offering.