Updates to the Elddis Autoquest for last season gave Marquis Motorhomes an up-to-the-minute range of affordable ’vans upon which to base its popular Majestic dealer specials. The updates were timely, too, given increased competition in the budget sector of the market. 

Manufacturers had to focus their offers to persuade these shoppers. That may be why Swift Group’s Escape range was the highest-placed UK volume brand in Practical Motorhome’s Owner Satisfaction Awards 2014

Elddis decided that, instead of just revising its offerings, it had to extend them. The results are the Accordos, two compact low-profiles promising the comfort of a coachbuilt in a package the size of a panel-van conversion. Its launch meets the desire of motorcaravanners wanting to downsize. Under 6m long and 3300kg, the Accordo really is bang-on trend. 

It’s no surprise, then, that Marquis Motorhomes chose the Accordo as the base of its new Majestic 105 and 125, which take the model count to 10. Retailed by 11 Marquis dealership showrooms around the UK (Marquis South Yorkshire opened in January 2014), the Majestic range offers an enhanced treatment of the standard-issue Accordo, expertly specified by the UK’s biggest dealer network. 

Dealer specials are a bargain, because they pack in plenty of features: some are options that would cost more when added to the base model, while others come only in a special. This is reflected in resale values. 

For several months after November 2013, we ran a Majestic 125 motorhome as a long-termer. For its final test, we took it to the rally field at Lowdhams Leisure in Gunthorpe, Nottingham.