Kampa’s ‘Trip’ drive-away awning is perhaps so called because, in general, camper van users love to make multiple trips – in other words, they’re not likely to stick around on one site.

Because they prefer flexibility, they just want a small, lightweight awning they can put up quickly, for storage or to raise their comfort levels just a notch.

It should also only take a minimal amount of space in the ’van when they are on the move.

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Small but perfectly formed?

Kampa’s latest drive-away motorhome awning seems to fit the bill.

The 10kg weight means even your sulky teenager shouldn’t moan about carrying it out to the ’van. And that pack size really is minimal.

Unlike other inflatable motorhome awnings, this one doesn’t include single-point inflation, but you only need to inflate two tubes from the outside to create an awning which, with the help of some extensive guys, is stable enough to be freestanding.

We found it easy to set up in minutes.

The awning is less than three metres in all directions, but you do get a door in the front, two large windows with blinds, and a door in the connecting side tunnel if you don’t want to disturb whatever or whoever happens to be inside the awning itself.

That tunnel is designed to be flexible but, with a fixing height of 2.05m, there is only a limited range of non-camper van vehicles it will likely accommodate.

A spec to do battle with bigger motorhome awnings

The seams are hot-air taped to maximise weatherproofing, although the textile has a 6000mm hydrostatic head – impressive for an awning of this size and price.

You get blinds on all the windows and an optional fleece carpet, while the inside of the awning has fittings for Kampa’s optional Sabre Link Flex Ready LED lighting system.

It also has a groundsheet. Because this is a camper van awning, it’s possible that even those caravan parks that don’t normally allow groundsheets might wave you through, because you probably won’t be on site long enough to cause the grass underneath you to start deteriorating.

But just in case anyone does create a fuss, it’s useful to know that this groundsheet is a clip-on variety, so it doesn’t have to be put down, and can be removed easily.