If you have a campervan, the inflatable Kampa L may be right for you. We’ve tested the 260 L, which has a fixing height of up to 265cm, so it’s suitable for anything from a van conversion upwards. As the name suggests, the XL is suitable for larger motorhomes, with fixing heights of between 265cm and 280cm, and the 390 L and XL are wider versions. 

The Omnistor wind-out canopy (pictured) provides an ideal point for attaching an awning such as the Kampa Motor Rally AIR Pro 260 L. Alternatively, you can have an awning rail fitted to your motorhome.

Kampa’s Motor Rally awnings have been around for years, but the AIR Pro is inflatable and doesn’t need conventional poles.

All the inflatable tubes are interconnected, so you only need to attach the supplied foot pump at one point. From there, it goes up in less than five minutes. If one of the tubes is damaged, it can be replaced after being isolated by shutting the air valves leading to it. 

The pump maximum is 11psi, though the tubes can sustain up to 22psi – but don’t try it. A 12V pump is sold as an option.

Kampa says it has tested these products at -7C to 40C for up to four weeks at maximum pressure. 

Of the three beams, the central one may butt against a campervan’s sliding door. 

To complete the set-up, Kampa supplies plastic and steel pegs. As ever, pegging is the most time-consuming part of erecting such awnings. 

The front gets curtains and the sides have blinds. Each side door comes with mesh panelling and two-way zips, so that you can increase the ventilation. Permanent ‘no-see-um’ mesh vents, at the top corners where the awning meets the ’van, keep small bugs out. The two front panels can be rolled to the side for those lovely sunny days. So you do have a good choice of doors to use, depending on which way the wind is blowing.

The main fabric is a durable 300D Weathershield Oxford polyester, with UV protection and taped seams

A unique Kampa feature is its AccessoryTrack, which is a second line of beading, parallel to the attachment beading, that can hold an organiser, a hanging rail and other accessories. 

To sum up, the key selling points for the Kampa Motor Rally AIR Pro 260 L are that it has an inflatable frame, zip covers for poles, draught skirt, the AccessoryTrack, upper ventilation and a mains lead inlet.

Optional extras that you can buy are an adaptor kit (£29.99), an inner tent (£69.99), a hanging rail (£11.99), some storm straps (£13.99), a breathable groundsheet (£25.99), cushion carpet (£35.99), an organiser (£26.99) and an awning roof lining (£27.99). 

We have tested quite a few inflatable and traditional awnings and you can read our awning reviews here. Compare this Kampa drive-away awning to the SunnCamp Tourer Motor Air 335, £716, and the Westfield Easy Air 510, costing £450. Another option is the Vango Attar 380 Tall, costing £780.

For a more traditional awning with steel poles, consider the Ventura Freestander Cumulus Low, £903, and the Inaca St Jordi 370, which cost £860 when we tested it in late 2014.

Now’s the time of year for bargain hunting, as retailers try to shift old stock to make space for new. Don’t forget to buy from a retailer you trust, so that you can assure yourself of positive after-sales service.