Knottingley-based IH Motorhomes is a well-established, highly regarded designer and converter of quality motorhomes based on SEVEL panel vans.

In the past, it has converted Mercedes-Benz and Renault vans, and produced coachbuilts on VW and Mercedes chassis-cabs.

But recently, it has concentrated on its core business – and one of the benefits has been this new rear-lounge N-Class, with motorised slide-out.

UK volume manufacturers and converters seem to shy away from slide-outs, even though they are a solution to the ‘big on site, small on the road’ conundrum.

Their reluctance is IH’s gain – this will be a strong seller.

My only concern with the current base vehicle is that (as yet) there is no petrol/LPG alternative, or a hybrid, which environmentally aware buyers might wish to opt for.