German brand Hymer claims to have invented the 3000kg weight division some years ago, while competitors focused on the 3500kg threshold, under which you can drive a ’van with a standard licence.

Many motorhomes have MTPLMs well under 3500kg, of course, but Hymer’s difference is to offer higher user payloads.

This matters, it says, because when driver and passenger weights have been deducted, there won’t be a lot left over.

This explains why Hymer’s recent launches have focused on low unladen weights, plus the comfort levels for which it is fêted.

The B-Class DynamicLine (B DL), unveiled in 2016, showcased clever design to reduce weight without compromising on quality. But at around £80,000, it wasn’t for the masses.

Now, though, many of its design smarts have cascaded down to the latest version of the narrow-body Exsis-i, Hymer’s ‘lead-in’ A-class range.

We saw the result in the form of the Exsis-i 474, a compact four-berth with a front lounge, a midships kitchen and rear fixed twin single beds.