The B 504 CL is the smallest and cheapest of Hymer’s 23-strong ‘B-Class’ range. It is one of only a handful of A-class motorhomes which are under six metres long.

Being able to fit into most parking bays, it goes against the trend of motorhomes becoming bigger following the introduction of the longer chassis on the new Ducato. Hymer’s 504 has remained below the ‘magic 6m’ length because the designers have shortened some of its furniture units, since the 2006 layout, to allow room for a cosy L-shaped lounge with swivel seats and a transverse single bed above a small garage (with a bunk bed option). In recent years, most manufacturers abroad, and now some in the UK, have increasingly produced longer motorhomes as they perceive an increase demand for storage space, fixed beds and separate showers. We think that the fast-vanishing, sub-6m layout offers great versatility, particularly in A-class ‘vans where the big, bubble-shaped cab makes good use of the swivel seats and the big, drop-down double bed takes up no noticeable space. The same floorplan is available in Hymer’s B-SL range but we wanted to know how this entry-level A-class performed over mountain roads and in sub-zero conditions. Although we test drove a left-hand drive model, in the review which follows, we refer to ‘driver’s side’, ‘passenger side’, ‘nearside’ or ‘offside’, as if the vehicle were a right-hand drive UK version. Also, we have priced this ‘van based on the equivalent cost of a right-hand drive model bought in the UK, with the same specification, although we haven’t included the price of the satellite TV system, or the TFT TV. The standard, on-road price, without options would be £43,295.