It is no surprise that Elddis has been angling its Autoquest range more and more at families, as, with prices starting only just north of £35,000, that is still the kind of price that young families can afford.

For 2017, the big news for families was the launch of the Autoquest 196, a six-berth with the County Durham manufacturer’s first ever dropdown bed.

The range as a whole has been made more comfortable and easier to drive with the introduction of a low-line Peugeot Boxer chassis, to bring the Autoquest into line with the other two ranges of Elddis motorhomes.

But if you don’t feel your family needs six berths, how about the 195? It has everything the 196 has, minus the dropdown bed. Which means more headroom in the lounge.

On the outside, Elddis has sought to alleviate the idea that this vehicle is just a large white box by including relatively discreet decals that are in line with the sleek flow of the Peugeot cab.

Under the bonnet, there’s a 2.0-litre, 130bhp, Euro 6-compliant turbodiesel engine. In addition, our test ’van was fitted with a rear-view camera (a £320 option) – the 195 does have a window on its back panel, but the reassurance this technology brings will be welcomed by many.

We’re also pleased to see that this family ’van doesn’t just sleep four people, it has four travel seats, too.

Lift the two parallel settees in the front lounge and you will find two Aguti travel seats. They can be lifted up once you have folded the settee frame away against the wall.