The Dethleffs Fortero range is based on the bricklayer’s favourite, the Ford Transit, making it distinct from the company’s Esprit range, based on the Renault Master.

That’s not a criticism though, as the Ford is fabulous to drive thanks to the wide rear track and rear-wheel drive, which give it splendid road manners. The level of basic equipment is high too, with ABS, twin airbags and traction control. The choice of colour schemes also ensures that the Fortero will stand out from the crowd.

The Fortero is a cut above the standard fixed-bed low profile. Interior fittings, particularly in the red colour scheme we saw, were rich and sumptuous and gave a warm ambience. The half-dinette at the front is comfortable enough, but the best seats in the house for lounging are the Ford cab seats, which swing around from the facing side of the dinette. Flush-fitting halogen spotlights stop all those rich colours from feeling too oppressive, as does the large roof light.

At night, the deep mattress guarantees a restful sleep. It has a corner cut off for washroom access (rather than a sliver along the whole side), so the bed feels broad, too. The dinette makes up into a further double, which at 2m long and 1.2m wide is a very usable size.

The kitchen in UK versions of the Fortero will boast an oven as standard, mounted over the fridge-freezer. Without seeing it, it’s impossible to say if access will be tricky for shorter cooks. Elsewhere, though, kitchen storage and the fridge are generously proportioned and the three-burner hob is adequate. Perhaps the biggest compromise is the size of the washroom. The quality of the finish is high, but space is tight, despite there being a sliding door. Storage elsewhere in the ‘van is well thought out, particularly on the outside.

Ultimately, the Fortero is about quality and style. Quality comes in the form of a great base vehicle, and nice touches such as a mains charger that tops up the van and leisure batteries. Style evidently comes as standard, with lots of intricate detailing and bold interior and exterior design. It’s not a van for the introvert, but it is a very impressive vehicle.