It’s hard to not be impressed by the clever thinking displayed by Trigano brand Chausson in its 2017-season portfolio.

A total of 18 Chausson motorhomes are being offered in the UK this year, all have MTPLMs of no more than 3500kg and all but two are low-profiles, like the model we’re reviewing here.

New for 2017, this is the Chausson Welcome 611 Travel Line and before you even step aboard, its USP is clear: it has habitation doors on both sides! But more on that later.

Unlike many of its stablemates which are available on the Fiat Ducato or the Ford Transit, the 611 is sold only on the Ducato. It’s a convenient 6.96m long, 2.35m wide and has a height of 2.89m.

Another curiosity of the Chausson 611 is its trim level. It is sold only with the special-edition Travel Line, which means buyers enjoy the higher-spec Welcome trim, plus the VIP Pack and central locking on all doors.

However, it’s good to know that, like all other 2017 Chausson motorhomes, the 611 is also sold with the reassurance of a seven-year warranty.