Sitting on the forecourt at the Swift Group headquarters in Hull, the new Ace low-profile looks as mean as an eagle ready to pounce.

The design is so striking that it takes you by surprise when you see it. Motorhomes don’t usually look so sexy: practical and stylish yes, but never before sexy. Swift’s new Ace, Bessacarr and Swift low profiles are not your run-of-the-mill motorhomes, they are the vanguard in a revolution in British motorhome design that use the radical shape of the new Fiat Ducato cab to create ultra-low profiles. We have never been in a motorhome that turned so many heads. Everywhere we took the Ace Airstream during its five days with us there were approving glances and positive comments from people who usually never look twice at a motorcaravan. And that reaction was multiplied ten-fold by enthusiasts, who couldn’t wait to see it close up. We certainly got close up and personal with the top-of-the range fixed-bed model, the 680FB, which for £39,975 comes with the Fiat 130 Multijet engine as standard on its Ducato Special chassis. The ‘Special’ moniker refers to the ultra-low-line chassis produced specially for motorhome manufacturers by Fiat, which has allowed Swift to create an equally low-profile design that gives the vehicle such a remarkable stance on the road. Our mission was to see whether or not this stylish new exterior is matched by the driving performance and living experience – in the past, an area in which the Continentals have excelled and British manufacturers have had to play catch-up.