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Practical Motorhome – motorhome awnings – Trigano Hawaii XL Motorhome review – 1 - Trigano's motorhome awnings have recently been revised – here we test the 300cm wide Hawaii XL (© Practical Motorhome)

Trigano Hawaii XL Motorhome 2018

Revamped for 2018, Trigano's range of motorhome awnings is well worth a look, as this easy-to-pitch Hawaii XL inflatable drive-away model demonstrates

Created on 31st January 2018

4.0 stars


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The Practical Motorhome Raleigh Stow-E-Way review – 1 - Once packed away, this electric bike measures 88cm x 80cm x 44cm and is easy to store in your ’van (© Raleigh/Practical Motorhome)

Raleigh Stow-E-Way 2017

Ride off into the sunset with ease on this foldable electric bike – it is ideal for getting out and exploring when you're off on your motorhome holidays!

Created on 29th November 2017

4.0 stars


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Practical Motorhome – Dog beds, pet beds and carriers group test – 1 - We tested 10 pet beds and carriers, evaluating them in terms of the same criteria, to see which are the best for your motorhome holidays (© Simon Mortimer/Practical Motorhome)

Pet beds and carriers 2017

We love taking our pets on holiday, but we want to make sure they travel in safety and are comfy on site – here we test 10 dog bed and pet carrier products

Created on 7th November 2017

Practical Motorhome – motorhome awnings – Olpro Cocoon Breeze review – 1 - Here we are testing the Olpro Cocoon Breeze which has an inner tent that can form one or two rooms (© Practical Motorhome)

Olpro Cocoon Breeze 2017

It's easy to pitch and take down, and is packed with design innovation, so is the Olpro Cocoon Breeze inflatable motorhome awning for you? Read on!

Created on 30th October 2017

4.0 stars


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The Practical Motorhome Garmin 770 LMT-D review – 1 - The Garmin Camper 770 LMT-D comes with detailed maps of the whole of Europe (© Garmin/Practical Motorhome)

Garmin Camper 770 LMT-D 2017

Say goodbye to navigation horror stories with Garmin's Camper 770 LMT-D – it'll take into account the exact dimensions of your ’van and route accordingly

Created on 24th October 2017

4.5 stars


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Practical Motorhome – Motorhome awnings – Outwell Country Road Tall SA – 1 - This motorhome awning by Outwell weighs 24.6kg and has a pack size of 37 x 77cm (© Nick Harding/Practical Motorhome)

Outwell Country Road Tall SA 2017

Full of neat touches and clearly a high-quality product, when it comes to drive-away motorhome awnings, does Outwell's Country Road Tall SA hit the spot?

Created on 4th October 2017

4.0 stars


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Practical Motorhome accessory reviews – Evaporative coolers – 1 - If you don't want the weight and expense of an air-con system, an evaporative cooler might be your new best friend on hot motorhome holidays (© James Stanbury/Simon Mortimer/Practical Motorhome)

Evaporative coolers 2017

Feeling the heat on your motorhome holidays? We test six evaporative coolers to see if they can serve as alternatives to air-con units and fans on tour

Created on 1st September 2017

Practical Motorhome – motorhome awnings – SunnCamp Silhouette Motor Air 250 Grande review – 1 - The Silhouette Grande takes plenty of cues from SunnCamp’s tent heritage, while this model is 250cm wide and 420cm deep (© Nick Harding/Practical Motorhome)

SunnCamp Silhouette Motor Air 250 Grande 2017

Ease of use, a roomy interior design and a keen price-tag are among the attractions of this compact, lightweight, inflatable drive-away motorhome awning

Created on 21st August 2017

4.0 stars


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Practical Motorhome – drive-away awning review – OlPro Loopo Breeze – 1 - The OlPro Loopo Breeze weighs just 18kg, so won't eat into your payload too much (© Nick Harding/Practical Motorhome)

OlPro Loopo Breeze 2017

Enjoy extra space when touring in your camper van with this colourful add-on – and like all inflatable drive-away motorhome awnings, it's easy to pitch

Created on 1st August 2017

3.0 stars


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Practical Motorhome – motorhome awnings – Westfield Hydra 300 review – 1 - The Westfield Hydra High (pictured) is ideal for coachbuilts, while the Low is more suited to van conversions (© Practical Motorhome)

Westfield Hydra 300 2017

The Westfield Hydra 300 proves that motorhome awnings don't need to blow your budget or weigh you down to get the job done – let's take a look

Created on 3rd July 2017

4.0 stars


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