We had high expectations as we began the Weber Go Anywhere gas BBQ test – read Practical Motorhome's expert's review and verdict to see how it performs


Are you the kind of motorhome owner who likes to be cooking on gas outside? Or do you prefer to get your hands dirty and light a real charcoal fire on holiday? Each cooking method has its pros and cons, as we discovered recently during our mega Practical Motorhome BBQ testing session.

For those who favour clean, efficient, controllable gas grills, we have reviewed the Kampa Sizzle gas barbecue at £36.99, the large Kampa Caddy, at £190, and the Weber Go Anywhere, costing £103.

For all the fans of charcoal-fuelled barbecues, we've tested the SunnCamp Compact BBQ, at just £5.99, the Outwell Cervon Grill & Fire Pit at £84.99, and the Weber Smokey Joe, £39.99. Arguably, you get the best flavour if you cook with charcoal, but the down side is that you have a long wait after lighting the coals before you can actually start cooking. Then afterwards, you'll need to leave the coals well alone until they're completely cold before you can pack up the BBQ and motor on.

In this review we take a close look at the Weber Go Anywhere portable gas grill. Weber is a name that has been practically synonymous with barbecues for the last 50 years, so our expectations of this product could not be higher.

We were certainly not disappointed. This gas unit makes it easy to understand why Weber is a leading barbecue brand: it offers the perfect mix of simplicity, quality and versatility.

The Weber Go Anywhere measures 21 x 28 x 56 cm, so it is possibly not the smallest portable gas grill unit to take on holiday with you. However, we do like its square shape, which we have found is easy to pack into a cuboid cubby hole of any kind in the 'van. This little BBQ is well made and robust enough to have other items placed on top of it in storage.

Now for the setting up part. The plated steel legs, which pivot in order to become secure lid catches during storage, then unfold and raise the Weber Go Anywhere bbq up 15cm above the ground.

The design of the grille surface makes both traditional barbecue cooking and grilling possible. Alternatively, put the lid on and you have a small gas oven that you can use to cook larger pieces of meat, or practically anything. The total cooking area on that grille is 406 square centimetres (160 square inches). The bowl and lid are both porcelain-enamelled, and the lid has three heatproof glass-reinforced nylon handles. There's a simple push button ignition switch, so you don't have to worry about matches to light the gas. The grate itself is also porcelain-enamelled and there's one stainless steel burner to create the cooking heat.

The Weber Go Anywhere gas portable barbecue comes with an owner's manual and a limited warranty. You'll need to buy disposable 14.1 LPG cylinders to power this Weber wonder.

Now, what shall we cook first? Weber offers a selection of tasty looking barbecue recipes on its website and the top-rated recipes include Hanger Steak with Stuffed Tomatoes, Jerk Chicken Burgers with Red Cabbage Slaw and Skirt Steak Quesadillas with Guacamole. Weber offers plenty of advice on how to operate its BBQs online and you can also order spare parts, should you ever need to. We're pretty impressed by the service, as well as the products. 

Technical specs

Size21 x 28 x 56 cm
Grille area406 square centimetres
Bowl, lid, gratePorcelain-enamelled
HandlesHeatproof glass-reinforced nylon
Fuel neededDisposable 14.1 LPG cylinder
Height above ground15cm


The Weber Go Anywhere portable barbecue is streets ahead of all the other units in our latest Practical Motorhome BBQ test. We've awarded it our top accolade, a five-star rating and the Practical Motorhome BBQ test winner's crown!

Have a good browse all our other portable BBQ reviews and check out our other handy camping accessory reviews before you buy more camping gear for motorhome tours.

Buy the Weber Go Anywhere BBQ (Gas) here from Argos



  • High quality product
  • Versatile gas grille and oven
  • Robust
  • Easy to use
  • Excellent value for money


  • Quite big to store in a small 'van
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