For those with big motorhomes, the Kampa Caddy offers home BBQ style on tour – read the Practical Motorhome test verdict to find out how well it performs


If you're looking for clean and efficient portable gas barbecues to take away on tour in your motorhome, check out our latest reviews. We've tested the Kampa Sizzle gas barbecue at £36.99, the large Kampa Caddy portable trolley gas BBQ, at £190, and the Weber Go Anywhere, costing £103.

On the other hand, if you love the charring and smoke-filled flavour that you get mainly with charcoal-fuelled barbecues, browse through our reviews of the SunnCamp Compact BBQ, at just £5.99 and the Weber Smokey Joe, £39.99.

We've included plenty of BBQ reviews and camping accessory reviews here on the Practical Motorhome website, so that you can compare products and so that you won't waste money when you buy your outdoor equipment. 

In this review we're going to concentrate particularly on the Kampa Caddy, an impressive looking freestanding portable trolley gas barbecue, priced at £190.

With its folding-leg mechanism, Kampa’s Caddy brings home-barbecue versatility and a comfortable cooking height (76cm above the ground) to those on tour. But only if you have suitable space: the 97 x 39 x 48cm pack-down volume is impressive given the erected size, but it’s still big. When it's all set up, this unit measures 104.5 x 48 x 85cm.

Like most gas units, this works as a barbecue, oven or grill, and the fold-outside trays are genuinely useful to put food and utensils on while you’re busy cooking up a feast. 

We also like that the unit is designed to be connected to a standard gas bottle, rather than pricey disposables. The 49 x 33cm cooking area is impressive, particularly given that half of it can be switched off when cooking for fewer people. 

It achieves this because it contains two independently controlled 2.5kW stainless steel tube burners. There is electronic ignition, which needs an AA battery that is not supplied with the unit, oddly enough. There is a drip tray to catch fat and cooking juices, to preserve the grass on your camping pitch. There's also a temperature gauge to help you and a stainless steel lid with a heatproof handle. 

The fact that it is tall and leggy is also an excellent feature to have when you're touring in dry climes, where there's a constant risk of setting off wildfires in the dry countryside. Being gas-powered also means that it's easy to control the cooking heat, and there won't be any flying sparks, clouds of smoke or ash. We like the fact that you can wheel it into a new position even while using it, if the wind changes direction. It's easy to clear up after your cooking session, too. 

As you would expect from a well known outdoor equipment brand such as Kampa, the materials used and the quality of construction are all good, and the design is well thought out.

Before you use it for the first time you will need to buy a few items that are not supplied. You'll need an AA battery for that ignition system. Then you need to connect it up to either a butane or a propane gas cylinder, using a gas regulator – either 28-30 mbar for butane or 37 mbar for propane. You will need to buy a gas hose up to 1.5m long (BS3212:2). All these extra bits and pieces are available from camping accessories suppliers and LPG dealers.

Technical specs

Size when folded97 x 48 x 37cm
Size when opened104.5 x 48 x 85cm
Cooking height76cm
FuelButane or propane gas cylinder
LidStainless steel with heatproof handle
Extras neededAA battery for ignition


The Kampa Caddy portable gas trolley barbecue is a comfortable height to use when you're cooking outdoors. You can wheel it into position and it's an efficient product to use. The only things putting us off a bit are the price and the fact that it's so big to fit in. We've awarded it a three-star rating.



  • Versatile
  • Well made
  • Comfortable cooking height
  • Low fire risk
  • Fits a standard gas bottle
  • You can cook on just half the area if you wish
  • Outer trays


  • Bulky to store
  • More expensive than smaller gas BBQs