Practical Motorhome's experts review the Result R111 jacket – available for both men and for women


Price £45

Women’s and men’s versions Yes


Comfortable, well-priced, good-looking and available for both

men and women: this jacket was the best all-rounder in this test, which is why it’s our winner. It’s not the most waterproof here, but it strikes a good balance between impermeability and breathability. It’s more comfortable to wear than the others, with the exception of the far more expensive Craghoppers Kiwi jacket. The hood is excellent, too: it fits well, and doesn’t flap around when you’re not using it. If we had one complaint to make, it would be that we found the elasticated cuffs slightly annoying: there are already Velcro tabs for tightening the sleeves, so we don’t see the need for the elastic. It’s a small flaw, though, in an otherwise great jacket.

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