[tl:gallery index=0 size=460×239]A conversation with my fiancé a couple of nights ago about winning the lottery threw up some interesting revelations. We both agreed that if we won a significant figure (a six-digit amount, as opposed to a mere tenner) then we’d invest in three things: a larger house, a wedding the like of which had never been witnessed (in Surrey), and a big motorhome.


The latter was the easiest to sort at short notice, so I made a quick Google search and turned up this beast. This is the £1.9m eleMMent Palazzo, built by Austrian manufacturer Marchi Mobile, and it’s quite possibly the brashest motorhome you’ll ever see (note, for example, the description enthusing that ‘you can go wherever the sun takes you, but always outshine everything’). The 40-foot vehicle weighs 20 tonnes, and is based on a DAF XF105; the 510bhp engine, meanwhile, gives it a top speed of 93mph. A large sun terrace pops up from the roof, enormous slide-outs, er, slide out, and you can specify it with glow-in-the-dark paintwork. Imagine how awesome that will look after dusk on a rural five-‘van site.


Whether you’re fond of its love-it-or-loathe-it styling (and I suspect that most will fall firmly into the ‘loathe’ category) is somewhat beside the point: it’s what you’ll find inside that is most impressive here. The extravagant lounge can be swiftly turned into a bar – perfect for onsite entertaining – and there are a pair of 40-inch HD TVs. The enormous master bedroom (with king-sized bed) has an ensuite bathroom, complete with rainfall shower. All of the interior equipment is fully customisable, and underfloor heating is available.  There’s even an operational fireplace. In fact, the only thing lacking is kitchen space – cooking cheese on toast when they return from the pub clearly isn’t a priority for Palazzo owners.


Should you wish to order one, you can visit the Marche Mobile website by clicking here. But consider it carefully before putting down a payment: once there are some in the UK, they could become popular. And how irritating would it be to turn up onsite and discover another on the pitch alongside you?

Sarah Wakely


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