THERE’S NO DENYING that the VW camper has become iconic. In fact, it has even become a cultural symbol for freedom, travel and relaxation.

Let’s be honest, it’s downright cool!


VW mug 'I'm not old, I'm iconic'


The iconic shape of the camper has been used throughout advertising to sell products that aren’t even necessarily related, and even in editorial to draw reader’s interest to subjects that would not otherwise draw readers in, such as in Monday’s Metro.


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Inspired by Star Trek – and VW camper vans – they used one to teach an (arguably mind-boggling) lesson about theoretical physics, solar radiation and a radiation shield currently being developed, in an analogy where you can holiday in space!


Off they ‘Baldly go’, Star Trek-style, with Captain Kirk and Mr Spock, in an interstellar VW camper van. Sadly, is is not equipped with Dr Ruth Bamford’s mini-magnetospheric plasma radiation shield. Hence the title of Ben Gillilard’s creative piece of writing for Cosmonline and Metro: Space, the fatal frontier. Apparently, even if you’re driving a cosmic camper, the radiation makes you go bald, and worse…

Space tourism in a camper van sounds dangerous, but what a fun idea! (Aside from the fact that we don’t currently have the technology to do it.) It definitely makes us want to plan some more adventurous trips – maybe to Morocco rather than Mars, but still.


The symbolic ‘freedom’ of camper vans remains to be beaten, so relish your home-from-home in this beautiful summer weather and plan your next trip now!






Kate Taylor toured South Cornwall in this Danbury Surf, a versatile VW

T5-based camper that was perfect for visiting Looe (pictured), Polperro,

Fowey, and Widemouth Bay (Dec 2012 & Jan 2013 touring articles in Practical Motorhome)


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Credits: Cosmic camper van image by Ben Gilliard of Cosmonline
Danbury Surf VW camper van trip shots by Dave F Smith, featured in Dec 2012 & Jan 2013 issues of Practical Motorhome