HOLLYWOOD ACTOR WILL Smith’s motorhome is every bit as amazing as the gizmos and special effects used in his famous comic sci-fi film Men in Black. 


This RV certainly oozes glamour and sophistication, and features 14 TV screens.

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Costing a mere $2.5million, Will Smith’s tour bus is an astonishing feat of engineering and cool design. Like any RV it has slide-outs, so it’s never going to fit on a normal campsite pitch. In fact, I reckon it’ll take up half the film lot’s car park! Never mind, Will’s worth it. Apparently he is the only actor to have starred in eight films that grossed more than $100m each.


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Meet the designer

Designer Mackenzie Anderson of Anderson Mobile Estates shows HGTV’s handsome Celebrity Motor Homes presenter around its 1200 square feet in a video (click here to see it). They look like A-listers themselves and you can almost see his jaw drop to the floor as she proudly reveals each of the motorhome’s hidden surprises.


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The kitchen has granite work surfaces and joins up to the main lounge, with its leather sofas and glossy finish. Step through an electrically operated mirror door to a ‘private lounge’, which Will uses as his star dressing room. At the touch of a button something rises smoothly from the sleek sideboard. It turns out to be a make-up station: a mirror with lights and a built-in TV screen.


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There is more. Will Smith can literally raise the roof, then walk upstairs into something like a home cinema. It’s quite beyond belief.


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What more could he ever want?

All this luxury is light years away from Will’s feel-good film, The Pursuit of Happiness, and we can’t imagine anyone ever feeling sad in such a palace on wheels.


Astonishingly, though. I think there is one thing missing. It’s an absolute deal-breaker for me. In fact, it’s the first thing I check out when I step inside a new motorhome. How could they do this?  Have I just missed it somehow? I’ve watched the clip a few times now, and I just can’t see it anywhere.


If only it had a BED!


Written by Kate Taylor

12 Feb, 2013



HGTV’s Celebrity Motor Homes (Will Smith Two-Storey Trailer)

Anderson’s Mobile Estates: makers of luxury US RVs

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