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Welcome to Back to Basics!

Our Back to Basics week will talk you through the fundamentals of motorcaravanning

Our Back to Basics: the complete guide for newcomers week (28 February – 6 March) is upon us as we’re on hand to explain everything you could need to know about motorcaravanning. 

We’ll be providing valuable advice throughout the week, helping you through each stage of your journey, from buying your ‘van to embarking on your first tour. Even if you’re more experienced, it presents you with a great chance to refresh what you already know, or perhaps may have forgotten about, and could play a part in ensuring you enjoy your best year on the road to date.

We’ve split our focus into six different categories that we believe should provide you with the information you need to enjoy a successful year of touring.

Driving: Driving a motorhome can be a daunting prospect but this section will help you master your skills. 

Buying a ‘van: There are a lot of models on the market – how do you choose the one for you? This category provides advice on buying new and used, so you can make your purchases with confidence.

On Tour: It’s now time to enjoy the best part of owning a motorhome – exploring new locations and heading on tour. We’re here to help you choose the best campsite for you, reveal common touring errors, talk you through taking pets on tour and much more.

Safe and Secure: Not sure what to do with your ‘van at the end of the touring season? This section will help, as we explain what you need to do to put your ‘van to bed. As well as that, we’re providing some top tips for staying safe when on tour.

DIY & Maintenance: Get ready to roll your sleeves up, as we share some brilliant projects for you to immerse yourself in. From maintenance to keep your van in tip-tip condition to DIY tutorials, you’ll be able to take your touring experience to the next level.

Accessories: Space is at a premium in a motorhome. What should you be taking with you? We share some top picks to help you identify the products that will help you have a brilliant time, whether you’re a keen cyclist, want some entertainment ideas, or are looking for some top touring gadgets.

We’ll be adding more great advice pieces throughout the week, so check back regularly to see the latest. If you can’t get through everything in time, don’t worry – it will all be staying online.

We can’t wait to hear about your touring adventures – be sure to tweet us pictures throughout the year to @pmotorhome

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