We’re back with a brand new TV show, featuring two new ‘vans, some top tips and a look at the US market. So join us on The Motorhome Channel, on Sky 192, Freesat 402 and live online, at the times listed below.

We kick off this episode with our first look at the 2015 range of Dethleffs motorhomes, Practical Motorhome’s Editor Niall Hampton on hand to review the Dethleffs Esprit T 7150 DBM, a two-berth ‘van that costs from £66,504 OTR. There’s lots to get excited about with this new, low profile motorhome, which brings the island bed layout into the Esprit range, as well as featuring a raft of attractive details throughout. Despite only sleeping two, this ‘van has a lounge that can seat five and with a pair of panoramic skylights, this is an incredibly light and airy space, too, ambient lighting meaning it’s still well lit once the sun goes down. There’s a thoughtful and flexible set up in the kitchen, plus a combination oven and grill, a good amount of storage space and a big fridge with a separate freezer. That comfortable and easy to access island bed sits in a well lit space, beneath which is a roomy garage, great for stowing touring kit. Meanwhile, the washroom is split across the ‘van, the shower on one side, the swivel toilet and vanity area on the other, and there’s a clever underfloor storage area. To find out more about this new for 2015 motorhome, be sure to watch our TV show.

After that, Andy Harris is talking about fitting air suspension to motorhomes and the advantages it can bring. He explains the difference between semi and full air suspension and, if you like the sound of this, you can fit semi air suspension yourself. However, if you’d like to splash out and get full air suspension for your ‘van, you have to visit a specialist installer. To discover more including the costs of such work, be sure to tune in.

In part two of our show, Niall reviews the Knaus Sky I 700 LEG. Priced from £77,400 OTR, this four-berth A-class ‘van with an MTPLM of 3850kg has the popular fixed twin single bed layout at the rear, and a spacious lounge at the front with a drop-down bed above it. There is a compact amidships kitchen with loads of storage options, three gas burners, a deep sink, a large fridge with a separate freezer, and a UK friendly oven and grill. However, there’s an extra trick with this motorhome – those two single beds can become a roomy double. Make sure you watch our TV show on The Motorhome Channel, on Freesat 402 and Sky 192, or live online, to find out how, and to learn about the clever shower room/washroom/dressing area.

Then, we welcome John Wickersham, who’s discussing bin solutions for your motorhome. He shows us some simple ways to add another bin – perhaps these are things you’d like to try in your motorhome.

In our latest TV show you can also join us in Louisville, Kentucky, as our Editor Niall goes to the American National RV Trade Show and introduces us to some of his top picks. One is the London Aire by Newmar, a huge unit with slide-outs, three TVs and even a tumble dryer and washing machine. He also sees the most popular base vehicle in the US for conversions, the Ford E-450 Super Duty, powered by a petrol fuelled V10 that musters an incredible 400lb ft of torque. Next we join him for a look around the colossal Fleetwood RV Bounder and the 2015 Winnebago Brave, and enjoy learning about drop-down patios. See these ‘vans and yet more from Niall’s American RV adventure only in our latest TV show for The Motorhome Channel.

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