THE MOTORHOME CHANNEL takes you to Scotland’s glorious Glencoe ski resort, (even snowier than Sochi, the Russian Winter Olympics venue), in Episode 12.


Plus we review the new French-manufactured Chausson Suite Family low-profile coachbuilt motorhome and the British-made Moto-Trek Euro-Treka 1.


Andy Harris is always full of great advice on a wide range of topics. This time he’s responding to queries on wild camping, child-friendly campsites, levelling your motorhome and reversing cameras. 


To create Practical Motorhome magazine our team gets out and about reviewing new motorhomes and prototypes, testing them and staying in them. We use them while researching touring features and staying on campsites around the country.


This means we’ve seen a lot of motorhomes, tourist attractions and campsites over the years – so we’re well placed to give you quick guided tours on TV – and we hope it will whet your appetite for more detailed stories and stunning photography in the magazine. So we’re really pleased to be working with Information TV to bring you The Motorhome Channel. 


If you have a satellite dish, tune in on Sky 212 or Freesat 401. Otherwise you’ll need to watch online via Information TV’s livestream link.


The Motorhome Channel
Episode 12

Shown from Monday, 17 February to Sunday, 2 March 2014

Broadcast times: 



The Motorhome Channel 8.30pm


The Motorhome Channel 5.30pm


The Motorhome Channel 6pm


The Motorhome Channel 11am


The Motorhome Channel 4.30pm

Highlights of Episode 12

  • Gentleman Jack Bancroft reviews a British-built Moto-Trek Euro-Treka 1 with twin slide-out sections at the Caravan and Motorhome show in Manchester
  • Andy Harris answers questions on levelling motorhomes, child-friendly campsites, wild camping and takes a look at different reversing cameras for motorhomes.
  • Clare Kelly heads to the Scottish Highlands, where she meets a number of hardy motorcaravanners who’re camped up for a spot of skiing in Glencoe
  • Niall Hampton reviews a Chausson Suite Family low-profile motorhome


Kate Taylor

Practical Motorhome

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