Calor Gas wants motorcaravanners like you to help it develop its next-generation products.

Back in May, the company announced that it was stopping production of its 6kg CalorLite gas bottles, due to a higher-than-expected number failing its routine quality assessments – a more robust version is in development.

Calor’s three-stage reaction to this should help motorcaravanners get the products they need and enhance future models.

The response

Understandably, Calor wants to sell items its customers need, so is therefore engaging with the touring community to better understand what motorcaravanners and caravanners want.

As part of this research and development project, Calor is already working with the Caravan and Motorhome Club and The Camping and Caravanning Club, as well as motorhome and caravan manufacturers.

However, it is also eager to hear from motorcaravanners – people like you who get out there, hit the road, travel far and wide, and use Calor’s products.

Please email [email protected] if you’d like to register your interest and take part in this research.

In addition, Calor is increasing its investment in existing stocks of standard 6kg gas bottles to its largest level in recent years, to help make sure they are available throughout the UK where customers need them, until the 6kg CalorLite replacement is brought to market.

The third phase of this response is to update the ‘Stockist Finder’ section of the Calor Gas website, so that it is quicker and easier than ever before for customers to locate their nearest outlet that still holds stocks of the Lite cylinder.

Looking to exchange your 6kg Lite gas bottle?

Rather than persisting with a model that was going to be replaced, Calor decided to discontinue the Lite cylinder and implement an exchange programme – but if it’s time for you to exchange yours, you still might be able to do so.

Advice to consumers is unchanged: stock is still available and outlets have been instructed to exchange a 6kg Lite for another of the same wherever possible.

If this isn’t possible, customers can exchange for a standard 6kg model – and there is the option to switch back to a Lite cylinder if this is available at your next exchange.

“We appreciate that this has caused some uncertainty and inconvenience and we apologise for this, but we are confident that our customers will still be able to obtain a suitable alternative and that, in the long term, we will be able to offer an improved cylinder solution,” said Calor’s Cylinder Asset Manager, Alistair Todd.

“We would like to thank all of our customers for their patience during this transition period, while we develop our improved cylinder and to apologise for any concern or confusion that may have been caused.”

For more information, please go to the dedicated question and answer page on Calor’s website.