A premium motorhome is more than just a touring base, providing a high-end spec, comfort and reliability. 

If you’re looking for a ‘van that combines touring luxe and choice with practicality and style, look no further than the 2023 ranges from Carthago and Malibu.

A-class by name, A-class in nature

Carthago offers five A-class ranges, and for 2023, there have been upgrades.

Take the c-tourer T/I. Coming on the Fiat Ducato chassis, the c-tourer models provide a stylish and relaxed experience, thanks to a “Smartline plus” furniture design and L-shaped lounge. The four most popular models in the range can also come on a Mercedes-Benz chassis with an AL-KO low frame and an MTPLM of 4500kg, allowing you to enjoy optimal comfort as you tour.

The chic e-line is made for those who love self-sufficiency, thanks to features like a 235L fresh water tank and a 185L waste water tank, along with two 80 Ah gel batteries. Coming on the Fiat Ducato or Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis, it is available as both a single and twin-axle. Its “emotional” furniture design creates a cosy yet elegant space, ideal for hosting guests.

The chic e-line I 51 QB
The chic e-line I 51 QB

With a living area height of 211cm, the chic s-plus is another innovative offering. Capable of towing up to 3,500kg, it has a powerful 3.0L engine with up to 207 HP. Coming on the Iveco Daily, the model has a MTPLM of either 5,800kg or 6,700kg. Premium features include the high-traction rear-wheel drive; the dual wheels; the option of a ceramic fixed tank toilet – the list goes on.

Inside the chic s-plus I 61 XL LE
The chic s-plus I 61 XL LE

Then there’s the liner-for-two, a couples’ dream, with its unique four-room concept that is available on the Fiat Ducato and the Iveco Daily. The new season sees a sophisticated exterior graphic, with a dark grey core framed by anthracite and gold elements. 

Inside, the cream table and sideboards create an inviting atmosphere, perfectly complemented by the new PVC floor covering with the ship’s parquet. Additions continue in the cockpit, with sun visors below the drop-down bed, and a padded drop-down bed panel with a leather look.

New season look, same premium feel

Carthago’s coachbuilts offer a variety of styles and upholsteries. You can even choose whether you have a drop-down bed or storage above the cockpit. 

For 2023, the c-tourer T and chic c-line T are available in a lighter shade of white. The chic c-line T is now on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis with an AL-KO low frame too.

The c-tourer T 143 LE
The c-tourer T 143 LE

Every one of Carthage’s near 60 model range comes with Carthago Premium DNA. This is a promise to every customer: each vehicle provides a high-end experience, from the quality bodywork and the high payload, to the double floor and advanced heating and air conditioning technology.

Visit Carthago’s website to find out more, including where your nearest dealer is and to find a catalogue; you can also subscribe to their newsletter and follow them on Facebook and Youtube.

Premium touring with Malibu

Carthago Group’s other brand, Malibu, produces vans, coachbuilts and A-class motorhomes. Each vehicle provides features to enhance every touring experience, including extra comfort, plenty of storage options and a quality construction.

Malibu Van has been creating premium vehicles since 2013, and for the new season, has been restructured.

There’s the Malibu Van Compact, a two model range that, at less than six metres, provides a well planned layout that includes a space-saving washroom and a galley kitchen.

Then there’s Comfort, another two model range that enhances the enjoyment of your tour with features such as a larger seating area and a separate shower room.

The two models in the Diversity range add a real feeling of spaciousness to the touring experience, providing a greater freedom of movement throughout and a large wardrobe beneath the rear bed.

The Compact, Comfort and Diversity ranges all offer models with either two lengthway single beds or a rear transverse bed.

Lastly, there’s the First Class – Two Rooms range. Malibu Van’s top model combines generous storage with a premium kitchen, as well as its innovative two-room concept, where room partitioning can create a changing room.    

The Malibu Van first class - two rooms GT skyview 640 LE RB
The Malibu Van first class – two rooms GT skyview 640 LE RB

Every Malibu Van offers the same Added Value Promise; each model provides plenty of storage, quality furniture that is built to last, and is well-insulated, features that will be felt and appreciated every time you tour.

Since 2015, Malibu Motorhomes has been providing a premium touring experience and a well-thought out design.

Take the Malibu T coachbuilt, a four model range with layouts that meet the most popular requirements, with lengthway single beds, a queen-size bed, and a combined washroom with a separate shower. It even includes options that can be driven with a standard driver’s licence.

The Malibu T 430 LE
The Malibu T 430 LE

Malibu offers four A-class models that are available as a righthand drive and have the same layouts as the Malibu T coachbuilt range. 

Every motorhome comes on a Fiat Ducato with a flat frame and the Added Value Promise. This means each motorhome comes with top class bodywork; heating and air conditioning; an extra-large double floor to provide plenty of storage options; the list goes on.

Touring is one thing. Touring in luxury is something else. 

Visit Malibu’s website to find out more, including where your nearest dealer is and to find a catalogue; you can also subscribe to their newsletter and follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.