TomTom has launched a dedicated speed camera location app for the iPhone for drivers who don’t use a dedicated satnav device or app.

The thinking is that while most satnav devices will warn about speed cameras when travelling to a particular destination, they tend not to be used when driving along familiar routes and that makes it all to easy to get caught out.

TomTom Speed Camera app for iPhone displays the vehicle’s current speed and the local speed limit, and uses a colour-coded warning system when the driver needs to slow down.

The app also warns of fixed and mobile speed cameras across 15 European countries and TomTom reckons it provides 95% coverage.

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Camera locations are updated in real-time too, with data based on reports from other drivers. The app can also be used to report speed camera locations with a single tap on-screen. Bear in mind that such updates will use up an iPhone’s mobile data, although it’s unlikely to be very much.

Gerry Hinds, Vice President Mobile at TomTom, said: ““Our Speed Camera service can be of real benefit, helping people to stay focused as they know where the next camera will be. We all know that confident driving is safer driving. And that’s why we’re so pleased that we can now offer this accessible service to a much larger segment of the driving community.”

The TomTom Speed Camera app is available now as a free download from the Apple App Store, but requires an ongoing subscription for speed camera alerts.

Subscriptions during the app’s introductory period cost £1.49 a month or £16.99 for 12 months, which will then rise to £3.99 and £26.99, respectively.

Those prices are rather high compared to the AA’s similar app, though — it costs £4.99 a year of £9.99 for three years.