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The 20-year old TV series may be a shadow of its former self, but now you can relive the hilarious heyday of The Simpsons by installing Homer Simpson’s voice on the TomTom sat-nav iPhone app.

Although fake celebrity voices are pretty common for sat-nav spoken directions, this one is the real deal — it’s licensed to TomTom by 20th Century Fox and all utterances are the work of Simpson’s star Dan Castellaneta.

According to TomTom, this is also the first time a celebrity voice has been available for a mobile phone sat-nav system — ALK certainly missed a trick by not getting Frasier actress Jane Leeves to switch to her Daphne voice when she was recording driving instructions for its CoPilot Live iPhone app

Judging by the speech samples provided by TomTom, hearing Homer Simpson give driving directions sounds like something that will get pretty tedious after about, oh, five minutes, but there’s no accounting for taste.

The Homer Simpson voice is available as an in-app purchase for the TomTom iPhone app v1.7 for £3.49