You can barely turn on the TV or open a newspaper without hearing about Twitter these days, and now you can even connect to the microblogging service to post updates about your car journey, courtesy of TomTom.

TomTom has announced that it plans to roll out a free update to its Live services for compatible satnav devices that includes support for Twitter, plus a number of driver-orientated online services.

The Twitter function can be used to manually tweet the current ETA for a particular journey and can send an automatic tweet if the arrival time is going to be missed. Why anyone’s Twitter followers would want to know such information, however, is anyone’s guess.

Probably more useful are the new Expedia and Yelp services that provide information about nearby restaurants and accommodation, complete with user reviews and price comparisons, though the same information can obviously be found with any smartphone. So, this isn’t really a feature we’d recommend buying a TomTom device specifically for.

The update is planned for TomTom users in the US, Germany and New Zealand in October, but we’re still waiting to hear about when it will hit the UK.

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